So, what is the point of the ‘National Curriculum’?

The British Humanist Association notes the alarming speed at which secondary schools in England are transferring to Academy status (Expansion of Academies Programme Continues Apace Despite Lack of Safeguards). The Department of Education has announced that 1 in 6 secondary schools in England have now converted to Academy status (547), a large jump from January this

Goodwill to all…

Season’s greetings to the victimised former Archbishop The Rev Dr Peter Hearty of the excellent ‘Platitude of the Day‘ website is clearly concerned that former Archbish Carey is rather upset at the (supposed) continued victimisation of christians in the UK*.  He thinks we should send Christmas cards to the poor old soul. It’s been suggested

Creationism in Northern Ireland

Just a quick post as I’m cycle touring and Internet access is infrequent. Yesterday’s Guardian had an article describing the Culture Minister Nelson McCausland’s view that the Ulster Museum should better reflect creationist views. McCausland’s reported to have said that this is a “human rights issue”, as he claims that around a third of the

Weep, Texas, weep…

The BBC News website reports the adoption of a right wing christian syllabus in Texas (Texas schools to get controversial syllabus).  The article lists a bunch revisions to US history, but not the creationism issue. Students in Texas will now be taught the benefits of US free-market economics and how government taxation can harm economic