ICCE – Nessie, evolution and creationism in British schools

So here’s an interesting story (Creationist exams comparable to international A-levels, says Naric).  I’ve never heard of Naric before – it’s the National Recognition Information Centre, and is tasked with advising universities and employers on the rigour of lesser-known qualifications. Unfortunately it’s pronounced on the International Certificate of Christian Education (ICCE). One might have had

Darwin’s impact on the 19th century artworld

There’s a nice audioslideshow at the BBC News site: Audio slideshow: Darwin’s Endless Forms.  It features images in an exhibition at the Fitzwilliam Museum in Cambridge.  If. like me, you’re unlikely to be able to visit the exhibition (which is open 16 June – 4 October 2009) , it’s an interesting narrated slideshow. The Fitzwilliam

Darwinius masillae

The news sites and blogs have reports of a new fossil found in Germany, a 47 million year old primate, named Darwinius masillae.  The quality of preservation of this fossil is extraordinary, and even reveals what its last meal was.  PZ Myers gives the lowdown at Pharyngula (Darwinius masillae). Of course, there’s a major PR

Media Reaction to the BioLogos Foundation

I’ve been looking through the internet media for reactions to the launch of Francis Collins’ BioLogos Foundation, which I blogged about, politely (I hope) but unflatteringly, the other day (Theistic Evolution and the BioLogos Foundation).  As would be expected, these reflect the author’s own theistic or atheistic views, and in many cases a highly accommodationist

Melanie Phillips displays scientific ignorance…twice

Melanie Phillips has in my opinion dug herself into a bit of a hole over the last few days, writing an opinion piece in The Spectator (Creating an insult to intelligence) concerning Intelligent Design (a subject she does seem ill-equipped to comment on), and after it got rather rubbished (by people who are better qualified),

Ken Miller on God, Darwin and Intelligent Design

Here’s an upcoming interesting lecture at the Faraday Institute in Cambridge: God, Darwin and Intelligent Design American evolutionary science expert Professor Ken Miller will give a talk next Tuesday about the increasing support of the anti-evolutionary Intelligent Design movement at the Faraday Institute’s termly public lecture. “Professor Miller will argue that the popularity of this

Creationist ruse fails in Texas?

Image via Wikipedia The Dallas News website reports (Split vote upholds Texas education board ruling to ax evolution ‘strengths and weaknesses’ rule) that the creationist threat to science education in Texas may have been averted. A last-ditch effort by social conservatives to require that Texas teachers cover the “weaknesses” in the theory of evolution in