Primary schools to teach evolution from year 4

Courtesey of the BHA, I see that evolution is to be added to the primary curriculum! (BHA welcomes plans to add evolution to primary curriculum): Evolution is to be included in the primary curriculum, it has today been announced. The Department for Education (DfE) has published its draft primary National Curriculum for science, which includes the teaching

Update on Creationist Free School Bids – British Humanist Association

The British Humanist Association has a useful overview of recent bids for faith-based Free Schools (Creationist Free School bids rejected before interview as other ‘faith’ schools advance to interviews). The article seems fairly upbeat about the failure of several bids from groups clearly planning to teach creationism as an alternative to scientific reality.  Bids to

Another meeting on ID creationism!

That hotbed of UK Intelligent Design creationism and Discovery Institute wannabees, the Centre for Intelligent Design (C4ID) has been sending out publicity for another meeting at which Intelligent Design creationism will feature. C4ID Director Dr Alastair Noble enthusiastically writes: I write to draw your attention to a fascinating conference on Design in Nature being organised

UK Government doesn’t ban Academies from teaching creationism as science

The British Humanist Assosiation has noted that Government changes Academy model funding agreement… but DOESN’T ban creationist schools The Government yesterday revised the Academy model funding agreement to bring it in line with all the recent changes made to the Free School model funding agreement – except it declined to ban creationist schools. The British Humanist

Free school proposals and hiding the truth

It’s amusing to see the re-think that happens once the evangelical groups striving to establish free schools in the UK realise that their religious beliefs stand in the way of their plans to indoctrinate children. In recent months we’ve seen the Everyday Champions Church’s proposal for a school founder on the creationism issue, despite senior

Gove moves to prevent creationist Free Schools

According to the BHA website, Government changes Free School model funding agreement to ban creationist schools. From that article: The British Humanist Association (BHA) has welcomed a new revision of the model funding agreement for Free Schools by the Government in order to preclude ‘the teaching, as an evidence-based view or theory, of any view or

Zombie creationist free school to rise from the dead?

The British Humanist association reports that the Everyday Champions Church is returning to the Free Scool fray (Creationist Everyday Champions Church re-launch Free School bid as ‘Exemplar Academy’). Sort of, anyway.  It turns out it’s the same people, without overt Church involvement.  According to the BHA: Everyday Champions Academy was proposed and sponsored by Everyday Champions

Happy Kitzmas!

Happy Kitzmas. This is the sixth anniversary of the famous decision in Kitzmiller vs Dover School Board, which really exposed the duplicity of those in the Intelligent Design creationist movement. Judge Jones, who many did not see as a particular ally to those fighting this incursion of religion into American schools, actually provided a exceptional