Grindon Hall founders resign

Via the BCSE Forums. Report from Schoolsweek 2nd October 2016 Founders of Christian faith school resign after secular takeover The founders of a Christian-ethos free school have resigned as trustees, citing anger at the government’s “lack of protection” for the institution’s religious character. Elizabeth Gray and John Burn have stepped away from the Grindon Hall Christian

More media coverage of Durham Free School (updated 6/3/15)

The Independent reports (Durham Free School: ‘Creationism taught at’ free school facing closure) that not only did they teach creationism (see Doomed Durham Free School taught Intelligent Design Creationism and Durham Free School creationism), but that: The school, which has already been ordered to close by the Education Secretary, Nicky Morgan, has been accused of harbouring “prejudiced views” of

Durham Free School creationism

Jonny Scaramanga has delved into the teaching of creationism in the Durham Free School – State-funded school in Durham, England employed a creationist science teacher – (which I blogged about yesterday – Doomed Durham Free School taught Intelligent Design Creationism). Jonny has uncovered what looks like a track record of creationist activity by the science teacher responsible

Doomed Durham Free School taught Intelligent Design Creationism

From The Darlington and Stockton Times, Brainwashed: Christian school taught Intelligent Design as fact Education Secretary Nicky Morgan controversially withdrew Government funding for the Durham Free School after a damning Ofsted report last month. Last night the school was at the centre of another controversy – that it taught creationism as a scientifically valid subject

Scottish creationism petition progresses

Paul Braterman outlines progress of the Scottish Secular Society’s Petition relating the teaching of creationism as a valid scientific alternative to the established science of evolution, common descent, and deep time. This morning, the Public Petitions Committee of the Scottish Parliament held its third and final hearing on the Scottish Secular Society’s Petition PE01530. The meeting is

Young Earth Creationism can’t be disproved? Really?

In Scottish Parliament  Motion S4M-12149, John Mason MSP makes a somewhat surprising assertion: Motion S4M-12149: John Mason, Glasgow Shettleston, Scottish National Party, Date Lodged: 23/01/2015 Creationism and Evolution That the Parliament notes that South Lanarkshire Council has issued guidance concerning the appointment and input of chaplains and religious organisations in schools; understands that some people

Creationism in Scottish Schools

It’s been a while since my last posting here (I blame pressure of work). That was prompted by one of the Centre for Intelligent Design’s periodic email newsletters. Sadly these newsletters tend to be issued just when I’m unable to draft a blog response! Howver, another of these newsletters plopped into my mailbox yesterday. It’s rather

News from the C4ID

After some months of silence, I received a message from Alastair Noble, Director of the UK’s very own Discotute wannabees, the Glasgow-based Centre for Intelligent Design. It’s the usual mish-mashed rehash of Discotute allegations of discrimination against Intelligent Design creationism with the usual claims that Intelligent Design isn’t creationism but really science. Indeed, Alastair begins