The Grindon Hall Creation Policy document

In a rather incoherent* article in the Sunderland Echo, the Principal of Grindon Hall Christian School has made interesting claims about the much-discussed ‘Creation Policy’ document (Headteacher blasts claims his city school teaches creationism – All News – Sunderland Echo) Chris Gray, principal of Grindon Hall Christian School, slammed a report that claimed the Pennywell

Jesus and Mo. And offended students.

A nice response to the ongoing fracas at the UCL student’s union over the use of a Jesus and Mo cartoon in an atheist group’s publicity. Read more about this at The New Humanist (Student atheist society in censorship row with student union over Muhammad cartoon) The Atheist, Secularist and Humanist Society (ASHS) at University

On the efficacy of prayer

Over at Epiphenom, Tom Rees has a nice ‘Research Blogging’ style article (Efficacy of prayer questioned) about a paper by Francis Galton dating back a few years now – doing the review as if it were of a contemporary paper. Bottom line: no statistical evidence for efficacy (but it might make people feel good). Galton,

Two putrid articles on Hitchens by catholic commentators

Christopher Hitchens has recently been diagnosed with cancer, as has been widely reported.  I hope he makes a good recovery.  And what seems to be the typical response by catholic commentators? Christina Odone (The Telegraph) is apparently praying for him. Pointless, and mildly irritating.  But Francis Phillips (Catholic Herald – Perhaps throat cancer will move

Signed Dawkins books on eBay

The Reverend Dr Peter Hearty (of Platitude of the Day fame) has announced that signed copies of five books by Richard Dawkins have been put up for auction on eBay.  From the Platitude of the Day web page: Five Richard Dawkins books, signed by the author and dedicated to the “Platitude of the Year 2009

Cherie Booth, religion and culpability

The often incomprehensibly silly Andrew Brown (of The Guardian’s Comment is Free Belief section) has published a particularly dopey diatribe against the National Secular Society (Cherie Booth unfair to atheists? | Andrew Brown | Comment is free | As background, this follows a case Booth presided over a few days ago, concerning an individual