Grumpy Bob likes coffee and bikes!
Grumpy Bob likes coffee and bikes!

By profession, Grumpy Bob is a University academic, researching molecular genetics and teaching in the biological sciences. He also has interests in fostering his fellow academics’ research career development.

This is a blog that concerns atheism, particularly as it relates to what Grumpy Bob regards as an excessively religious world.  The articles on this site reflect my personal opinions and of course in no way represent my employer.

His main blog site is Flies & Bikes, where he blogs on his research, science, atheism, cycling, the internet (particularly as it impacts on liberty and privacy), books and music. Grumpy Bob is a keen cyclist, and together with his regular 2-up team time trial partner, “Grumpy” Art Vanderlay, he blogs on time trial related matters at the Team Grumpy blog.

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