Stephen Meyer strikes again!

A couple of years ago, I took the effort to read and review Stephen Meyer’s book Signature in the Cell, a risible romp through misrepresentations of molecular biology, origins of life research and information theory (No Signature in the Cell). My heart sank when I saw that Meyer was to publish another book, entitled Darwin’s Doubt, this time seeking to expose supposed problems with the fossil record, particularly around the so-called Cambrian Explosion. The Discovery Institute have trailed this book mercilessly over the past couple of months, even appealing for donations to support the publicity drive.

This morning Nick Matzke’s review of the book was posted at Panda’s Thumb (Meyer’s Hopeless Monster, Part 2), and frankly, it’s a devastating critique. The review points out serious deficiencies in Meyer’s understanding of Phylogenetics, Phylogenetic Taxonomy, or current understanding of the Cambrian and pre-Cambrian fauna.  And as an added bonus, I don’t need to read it.

The book is published by HarperOne (as was Signature in the Cell). HarperOne describes itself as follows:

For 30 years we have published the books that have changed people’s lives, influenced culture, built bridges between faiths, and withstood the test of time. View this video for more about HarperOne and our authors and readers.

The most important books across the full spectrum of religion, spirituality, and personal growth, adding to the wealth of the world’s wisdom by stirring the waters of reflection on the primary questions of life while respecting all traditions.

So I imagine that’s a reasonable home for Meyer’s book, given the Discovery Institute’s Wedge Strategy.

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