C4ID, ‘Expelled’ and dishonesty

A few years ago, a bizarrely deceitful film was released: Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed. This pro-Intelligent Design creationism production made a variety of assertions, and did feature some interviews with the likes of Richard Dawkins – obtained by misrepresentation and edited to significantly alter the interviewees’ opinions. See for example what they did to Dawkins.

The website Expelled Exposed gives a detailed analysis of this film. Many websites exposed the deceitful strategies taken by the produced of the film, and the company behind it eventually went belly up and its assets sold off – including the film itself.

So, what do I find at the C4ID website, but a transcript of the interview segment with Richard Dawkins, together with a commentary from Alastair Noble.

Dr Alastair Noble: you should be ashamed of yourself for repeating this dishonesty.

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