The Grindon Hall Creation Policy document

In a rather incoherent* article in the Sunderland Echo, the Principal of Grindon Hall Christian School has made interesting claims about the much-discussed ‘Creation Policy’ document (Headteacher blasts claims his city school teaches creationism – All News – Sunderland Echo)

Chris Gray, principal of Grindon Hall Christian School, slammed a report that claimed the Pennywell school was run by a group with creationist views. The report, which appeared in a national newspaper, also claimed there was a document on the school’s website stating they taught creationism as a scientific theory. However, Mr Gray said the document was removed years ago and was originally written to distance the school from those views.

It’s interesting to note that the document really was present on their web server last week, when I blogged about it. I guess, strictly speaking, since there wasn’t a link from a web page, it could be argued that it wasn’t on their website…I suppose. But Mr Gray goes on to claim

“When we applied to the Government to become a free school they made sure of that and what The Guardian has done is find a very old document that we took off the website in 2005.”

Well, that doesn’t compute, since according to the Word file’s properties the document was created by Rachel Nurse (who appears to be a school administrator) in 2007. Mr Gray also claims

“And it was first written to distance ourselves from the issue of creationism. “I don’t believe in creationism, none of my staff believe in it and so I’m hoping this will blow over.

I don’t really understand how this document could be seen as having been written to distance the school from creationism. The document has now been deleted from the School’s webserver, but I imagine I’m not alone in having a copy.

* I’m not accusing the Principal of incoherence, merely that the printed article is incoherent.

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