Free School linked to creationists approved for 2013

The BHA reports that a creationist group have had their bid to open a free school has been approved. (Creationists approved to open Free School in 2013)

A group of creationists has gained approval from the Department for Education (DfE) to open a Free School from 2013. The group are behind the plans for Exemplar – Newark Business Academy, a revised bid from the same people who proposed Everyday Champion’s Academy last year. Everyday Champion’s Academy, which was formally backed by Everyday Champions Church, was explicitly rejected due to concerns surrounding the teaching of creationism. The British Humanist Association (BHA) has expressed deep concern at the Government choosing to fund a creationist group.

This is a shameful decision by the Government, and one supposes that Michael Gove, Secretary of State for Education, is motivated more by his ideological drive to remove education from local authority control than in any genuine interest in educational quality. The BHA further comments:

In January the group decided to bid again, this time for Exemplar Academy and without the formal backing of the church. However, the website for the new Academy was initially part of the Everyday Champions Church website; and the plans were launched at Everyday Champions Church, being described as a ‘resubmission’ of the previous bid. The group commented that ‘The school will be run on Christian values and we are proud of that. There is a huge difference between Christian values and Christian theology, which is why the original bid was turned down.’

Visit the BHA article for a comprehensive set of links. I guess we should not be surprised that a politician with a distinct prediliction for faith-based education, and who organised a vanity project to send out unsolicited copies of the bible to schools would take a lax approach to approval of even the more dubious faith-related projects.

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