A creationist Free School for Bedford?

In a article today, the British Humanist Association  reports More creationist Free Schools planned for 2013 opening.  It’s clear that Michael Gove’s Free Schools programme is likely to continue to attract those of the devious and deceitful religious type.  If I take as an example the awful sounding Destiny Christian School proposed for opening in 2013.  The school’s website covers up mention of creationism, saying under the FAQs:

Destiny Christian School will provide a curriculum that is broad, rich, inclusive and based and in line with the National Curriculum.

The BHA article, however, clarifies their position:

In Bedford, Destiny Christian School is being proposed by the Miracle Church of God in Christ, and if approved to open, will be a member school of the Christian Schools’ Trust (CST). At an open meeting attended by a BHA supporter, the group were asked about their policy on creationism and responded that they believe creationism is science and intend to teach it as such.

The affiliation to the Christian Schools Trust is something of a giveaway. Incidentally, any school adhering to the CST Statement of Faith has to be considered suspect in the modern United Kingdom, in which religious belief is generally declining. It’s not actually terribly clear whether the horribly named Destiny Christian School actually does, but it has all the common evangelical hallmarks (including a request for prayers to deliver skilled people to the project team).

Clearly the Free School scheme is seen by those adhering to creationist wingnuttery as an open invitation to pollute impressionable young minds with an inadequate science education.  

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  1. Even more damning (if I can so put it) than the CST statement of faith is the CST policy on teaching evolution, appendix C (p 342) of Dr Sylvia Baker's thesis, freely downloadable at http://go.warwick.ac.uk/wrap/3115

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