The C4ID Director and his Creator

In a second part of covering the CrISIS Campaign for the Cross Rhythms website (Creationism In Schools Isn’t Science – Part 2), Rebecca Duffett includes this wonderful interpretation of Dr Alastair Noble’s stance on origins:

Alastair Noble from the Centre for Intelligent Design believes that science points to a creator of some sort and doesn’t believe this idea can be eradicated from the science classroom, ‘The job of science is to look at empirical evidence and draw a conclusion from it, and you can’t bring to science a presumption that there can be no intelligence in the universe. If you do that you’re outdoing science; you’re outdoing philosophy. You’ve made up your mind what the answer’s going to be before you start.’

As in her earlier article (part 1), Rebecca gives no references or links to the evidence or sources for her statements, so I’m taking it as read that this is a reasonably accurate replay of Noble’s beliefs. Not a great surprise, given his church-related activity.

In fact, Noble’s got a pretty odd view of science here – at least based on this quotation.  Science doesn’t make a presumption that there is no intelligence in the Universe (I’m assuming Noble’s quotation is really referring to a creator’s (designer’s) intelligence, and there’s pretty obviously some intelligence on Earth): rather it awaits evidence that there is some intelligence out there.  Intelligent Design creationism would have us believe in some supernatural entity capable of designing everything around us, and indeed putting it in place (Noble’s ‘Creator’ in the above quotation).  This is where the sheer duplicity of ID creationists shines through: claiming Intelligent Design as science, when it patently is not.


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