Moran takes apart “The Myth of Junk DNA”

Recently Larry Moran (Sandwalk) has been working his way through Jonathan Wells’ latest literary effort, The Myth of Junk DNA. The latest installment is Sandwalk: Junk & Jonathan: Part 8—Chapter 5.

Dr Dr Wells, of course, is the Discovery Institute Fellow who is one of the speakers at C4ID’s secret summer school this year (actually the existence of the summer school’s not a secret, but they’re keeping the identities of the participants secret).

Anyway, Moran’s deconstruction of The Myth of Junk DNA is rooted in a detailed look at what all that DNA is, how one defines “junk”, how perceptions of the apparently non-functional DNA has changed as genome science has moved forward (in a way that the non-science of Intelligent Design creationism can not), and mis-citation of sources.  The latest installment deals with pseudogenes.  It’s worth catching up with the whole set of articles.


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