Behe’s UK Tour: reports on the Glasgow gig

The Sensuous Curmudgeon, which usually confines itself to US matters, picked up on Michael Behe’s UK tour (via the risible Discovery Institute blog): Mystery Vomit Flood Paralyzes Glasgow.  Not quite so Ghostbusters as it first seems.

The 21st Floor has another fine report (Irrelevant Design) – the conclusion is particularly fine:

Interestingly, my fellow skeptics and I weren’t the only ones disappointed by the talk. Afterwards, as I was trying to get Behe to answer a straight question, a wide-eyed woman with a Virgin Mary necklace pounced on the good professor, and brashly asked him: ‘WHO IS THE DESIGNER?!’. A clearly discomfited Behe responsed with ‘um… well… it’d have to be someone very intelligent, who’s been around for a long time…’. The woman nodded her head, staring at Behe, and said ‘yes, eternal and all knowing – like GOD. I was disappointed you didn’t mention GOD in the talk’.

Utterly irrelevant to working scientists, too pussy-footed to please creationists and the religious, the lonely and pathetic professor from LeHigh University will return home to continue to be alienated in his own biology department.

In opening his NY Times review of Behe’s The Edge of Evolution, Richard Dawkins states: ‘I had expected to be as irritated by Michael Behe’s second book as by his first. I had not expected to feel sorry for him’. Professor Dawkins, you are not alone.

Anyway, it’s a really rather good writeup, which is illuminating on Behe’s modus operandi, including his question-avoidance technique.  Of particular note are some nice references, particularly Irreducible Incoherence – a look into the conceptual toolbox of a pseudoscience, which is to be published in the December 2010 issue of the Quarterly Review of Biology.

Over at the BCSE forum, there’s another, albeit brief, report – Behe in Glasgow.  The event was apparently introduced by Alastair Noble, C4ID’s Director.

Update: The Not-Quite-So-Friendly Humanist also attended  – Michael Behe and the Centre for Intelligent Design

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