Intelligent Design centre launched in the UK

I notice at the Nature Blogs site (The Great Beyond: New intelligent design centre launches in Britain) that a new “Centre for Intelligent Design” has been set up in the UK.  It’s Director is none other than Alastair Noble, about whom I blogged a few months ago, following a risible article he wrote for the Guardian website (Alastair Noble, proponent of Intelligent Design;Intelligent Design is not science, and should not be taught in science lessons).  The other leading lights are as follows:

President: Prof Norman Nevin OBE, Emeritus Professor of Medical Genetics, Queens University, Belfast
A quick Google search reveals Nevin has been very active in human genetic research. The British Centre for Science Education lists Nevin in an article about the DUP’s promotion of creationism in schools (Northern Ireland’s Leading Political Party is Creationist). Nevin apparently defends Truth in Science (Norman Nevin defends Truth in Science). I blogged about (the ridiculously-named) Truth in Science (Discovery Institute takes the wedge strategy to UK schools) – note that Alastair Noble favourably reviewed the key text in TiS’s wedge strategy for UK schools.

Vice-President: Dr David Galloway, Vice President of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons, Glasgow, Scotland
David Galloway’s website (very flash-button-heavy) has a bunch of links to church activities, and seems to be rather evangelical in tone.

The C4ID website has a list of Terms and Conditions which are full of legalese about usage of the site’s content. Interestingly, it lists the url which at the time of writing (26/9/10) points to a Joomla! site either under development or maintenance.

The website appears to be full of the hoary old half-truths so beloved of the ignorant: for example their article The Scientific Case for Design.  All five headings reveal the depths of ignorance of the author.

While the Nature Blog article says:

“For the time being, the organization isn’t looking to promote ID in Britain’s schools, Noble says. “I would stress that we’re not targeting schools”,

I’d be cautious – Noble has past experience as a Schools Inspector, as I recall, and as observed above Nevin backs the Truth in Science wedge strategy aimed at schools.

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