Discovery Institute’s Klinghoffer spews nonsense at Huffington Post

The Huffington Post is one of those website I rarely look at but become aware of though links from more rational blog sites. It does seem to have a reputation for publishing some of the more risible articles out there. David Klinghoffer of the Discovery Institute has now published more drivel trying to link Darwin and evolution to Hitler (David Klinghoffer: The Dark Side of Darwinism)

Hitler’s ideas, Dr. Berlinski carefully notes, “came from many different sources but no honest account will omit Darwin.” A reading of Mein Kampf makes that clear. Certainly, Berlinski says, the men who formulated Nazi ideology “weren’t reading the Gospels.”

Actually,an honest account reading Mein Kampf reveals no such thing.  One of the first postings I made on this blog addressed the supposed links between evolutionary biology and Nazism (Did Darwinism lead inevitably to the Holocaust?).  I see PZ Myers has had his say, as have the numerous commenters at the Huffington Post.
But I can’t see the Discovery Institute ceasing their line of nonsense.

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