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My month in cycling – January

I’m a little late with this update, but since things are as usual a bit quiescent in January that’s not so important. After the New Year’s Day ’10’, I’ve been trying to knuckle down to some proper training. As usual,… Continue Reading →

My month in cycling (soundtrack of my training) – October 2013

Been a while since I posted about cycling – the explanation is that I’ve mostly been in the garage pounding the turbo. To deal with the tedium that is turbo-training, I’ve been listening to a variety of music via Spotify… Continue Reading →

My month in cycling – March

I can safely say that since I took up cycling again in 1990, I’ve not experienced such a dreadful start to a season as this year. Following a horrid cold (and subsequent post-viral fatigue) that effectively took me out of… Continue Reading →

Team Grumpy back on the road

I’ve finally shaken off the recurrent cold that’s been a bit of a burden since I returned from the USA in the first week of October.  This was convenient since my Team Grumpy team mate was visiting and we’d planned… Continue Reading →

Preparation for the Duo Normand; Soundtrack of my training 24/8/10

I’ve blogged a preview of this year’s Duo Normand two-up team time trial (2010 Duo Normand Preview) – and about a week or two ago, I began thinking about ramping up the training for the event.  I’ve been something of… Continue Reading →

Of Garmins, Polars and Golden Cheetahs…

I’ve recently taken delivery of a Garmin 500 bike computer, rather a neat piece of kit that can use GPS positioning to show speed and distance: it also has a speed/cadence sensor and a chest strap to send HR to… Continue Reading →

Training for time trialling

This year, as I enter my second half century, I’ve seen consistent improvement in my time trialling performances. As I write, I have ridden my best times at 10 miles (21:05, my best since 2002, and my second best time… Continue Reading →

Physiology, training and the Masters cyclist

Pez Cycling has a brief article (Toolbox: What Does Every Masters Athlete Have in Common?) which touches upon the physical decline that faces the ageing athlete, and what to do about it.  For one in his second half century, there’s… Continue Reading →

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