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A few years ago, I decided to have a play with using a power meter in my training. Because I wasn’t too sure about how useful I’d find this, I went with the cheap option – a Polar CS600X with… Continue reading →

My month in cycling – March

I can safely say that since I took up cycling again in 1990, I’ve not experienced such a dreadful start to a season as this year. Following a horrid cold (and subsequent post-viral fatigue) that effectively took me out of… Continue reading →

Vapourware cycling products close to condensing into reality?

Back in January of this year I posted an article (Unreleased products top cyclingnews.com 2010 tech innovation poll!) pointing out that two ‘products’ that had been awarded a best product award for 2010 had yet to emerge onto the market. … Continue reading →

Favourite iPad apps

This is a listing of my favourite iPad apps: Dropbox – Absoutely invaluable for shifting files too and from the iPad; synchronise files between iPad and other computers; useful for collaborations Squeezepad – Excellent and easy to use interface for… Continue reading →

App stores on PCs…Macs…Linux

Following the announcement of the upcoming OSX app store, it’s reported that Microsoft is (supposedly) working on a Windows app store, too. Hang on – isn’t this what we do with Ubuntu? One of the things that delayed my buy-in… Continue reading →

Maverick Meerkats, Macs and me

I am wondering if I am turning into a Mac Fanboi… I recently bought my first Apple computer (I don’t really include iPods or iPads as computers), in the form of a 13″ MacBook Pro.  This purchase came shortly before… Continue reading →

xkcd – Tech Support

The latest from xkcd tickled me – this sort of conversation with “tech” support is why I changed ISP (well, that and the Phorm phiasco).

Of Garmins, Polars and Golden Cheetahs…

I’ve recently taken delivery of a Garmin 500 bike computer, rather a neat piece of kit that can use GPS positioning to show speed and distance: it also has a speed/cadence sensor and a chest strap to send HR to… Continue reading →

Phorm issues shares to raise cash

The much-disliked company Phorm, who develop probably illegal systems for probing web traffic using deep packet inspection with a view to selling on internet users’ browsing habits, have been hitting rocky times lately.  With no commercial partners currently working with… Continue reading →

Bizarre advertising

So, there appears to be a new Microsoft XBox 360 campaign running on UK TV, hot on the heels of the annoying Windows 7 shorts – I caught it last night on ITV. The first part of the catch phrase… Continue reading →

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