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RadioShack team not built around Lance Armstrong. Really?

Cyclingnews reports that Lance Armstrong: RadioShack Not Built Around Me.  Well, I’m not so sure – look what happened when he got parachuted into Astana last year.  He says they have 8 of the 9 riders that rode the Tour… Continue reading →

WADA cross about Valv. Piti doping case delays

Cyclingnews.com provides an update on the Alejandro Valverde doping saga – WADA Frustrated By Delays In Valverde CAS Cases. I blogged the other day that I felt that judicial delays in dealing with the fallout of Operacion Puerto would lead… Continue reading →

Valv.Piti to focus on 2010 Tour de France…maybe

Cyclingnews.com reports that Valverde To Concentrate On Tour De France In 2010.  Well, I guess unless CAS rule against him…as cyclingnews.com point out: The main barrier to riding the Tour in 2010 may be the Court of Arbitration for Sport…. Continue reading →

Astana desperate to keep Alberto Contador

Cyclingnews.com reports that the Belgian press claim that Astana are offering Alberto Contador a huge wad to stay with the team for four years (Astana offer Contador up to €8 million per year).  This is apparently double what Contador has… Continue reading →

Andreas Klöden buys out of doping investigation

This sounds truly bizarre.  Former T-mobile cyclist Andreas Klöden (Astana), who has been under investigation for involvement in a blood doping ring (following the 2006 case of Patrik Sinkewitz).  However, this investigation is now at an end.  Cycling news reports… Continue reading →

A curious claim over doping positive

Stefan Schumacher, the former Gerolsteiner rider, has always claimed innocence over his positive test for CERA (and EPO derivative) during the 2008 Tour de France and the Beijing Olympics.  That comes as no surprise – few athletes admit to cheating,… Continue reading →

Blood doper Vinokourov back in action?

The Astana professional cycling team has certainly been an interesting team this year.  From the reappearance of Armstrong (for me, an unexpected force at the Tour de France), and the subsequent soap opera that ensued as Armstrong and Contador jockeyed… Continue reading →

UK Cycling in the top flight

Cyclingnews.com reports (UCI confirms USA, Great Briton’s top allocations for worlds) that while France and the Netherlands will only be able to field 6-man teams in the 2009 World Championships, the UK will field a full team of 9 riders…. Continue reading →

Cycling shoe repair…with dental floss!

Cycling shoes have a number of distinctive features – they generally have very stiff soles (with screw fixings to take shoe plates that clip to pedals), and often have exotic fastening systems (shoe laces are so last millennium!).  Common fastening… Continue reading →

Doping positives from Beijing Olympics

During the Beijing Olympics, I kept a tally of positive dope tests (mostly interesting from the horses that were positive – for capsaicin, as I recall).  You may recall that at the end of the Olympics, it was announced that… Continue reading →

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