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Eileen Gray to carry Olympic Torch

Frankly, I have little interest in the overblown spectacle that the modern Olympics has become.  I will of course try and watch the cycling events on the TV, but otherwise it leaves me rather cold.  Over at, I see… Continue Reading →

CAS and the farce of the Contador clenbuterol case

This is getting ridiculous. Alberto Contador tested positive for a vanishingly small amount of clenbuterol about a year ago. At the time I felt that the small concentration found (which was several orders of magnitude below the testing ability expected… Continue Reading →

Laurent Fignon RIP reports (Former Tour de France winner loses fight against cancer) that Laurent Fignon, double Tour de France winner has died after suffering from cancer.  Sad news.

Tour de France Stage 15 "Chaingate" – was Contador right…or wrong?

During Stage 15 of the 2010 Tour de France, Alberto Contador (Astana) took yellow after Andy Schleck (Saxo Bank) suffered an unshipped chain near the top of the major climb of Port de Balès.  Some people reckon this was an… Continue Reading →

Valv. (Piti) accuses UCI and CONI of Vendetta

I see more about Valv.(Piti) in (Valverde Accuses UCI And CONI Of Vendetta |  Perhaps to celebrate his rise to the top of the UCI points table, Alejandro Valverde has accused UCI and CONI of engaging in a… Continue Reading →

Abnormal blood readings due to Piles?

One of the three riders named as having suspicious blood parameters is making an unusual defence claim (Rosendo’s Blood Readings Due To Haemorrhoids? | Jesús Rosendo Prado has been suspended by his team, but the claim has now been… Continue Reading →

Valv. (Piti) tops UCI World Rankings; Riders caught by biological passport named

Well, what do you know! Dear Valv. (Piti), who’s DNA has been found to match blood bags stored by Dr Fuentes of Operacion Puerto fame, is now leading the UCI World Ranking (Valverde Tops UCI World Rankings |, despite… Continue Reading →

Recent coverage on doping in the peloton

There have been a couple of stories over at on the general theme of doping. In the first, Frei Explains The Motivation Behind His Doping |, BMC’s Thomas Frei explains his motivation behind doping with EPO.  He failed… Continue Reading →

Are professional cyclists doped by their teams?

There’s a report in today that, if the rider’s assertions are proven, makes me a little concerned (Bani Says Team Doped Him Without His Knowledge | Eugenio Bani has said that his former team Ambra Cavallini Vangi “forced”… Continue Reading →

Power training for cyclists

One would have to be a spectacularly unaware competitive cyclist to remain ignorant of the spread of power meters in the ranks of bike racers.  In the past I’ve not moved in this direction, for a number of reasons, some… Continue Reading →

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