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Indoor Training Part 2 – TrainerRoad

In Part 1 I described the hardware I use for cycle training indoors. In Part 2 I’ll describe the principal software package I use for indoor training, TrainerRoad. Part 3 will cover the other software I use, and Part4 the… Continue Reading →

Using a Raspberry Pi as a Squeezebox

I have recently been playing around with using Raspberry Pi devices as streaming music players within a Squeezebox-based system. I’ve arrived at quite a comprehensive arrangement, which includes a Pi as a player: This is a rough illustration of my… Continue Reading →

A Second Raspberry Pi Squeezebox

In my first foray into Raspberry PI, I set one up as a Squeezebox networked music player using piCorePlayer – this one has a HiFiBerry DAC card and is remarkably easy to use – to switch it on or off… Continue Reading →

A variety of iPad apps

Over the year and a bit that I’ve had my iPad, I’ve tried a variety of apps.  Many of these I’ve spotted in reviews on a variety of tech websites, and some of which I’ve located myself in the app… Continue Reading →

Ubuntu 11.10 Oneiric Ocelot

The latest version of the popular Ubuntu distribution of GNU/Linux was released a few days ago, version 11.10 Oneiric Ocelot.  I’ve been playing with this release of Ubuntu  for a week or so on an old notebook (Sony VGN-TX5XN) since… Continue Reading →

iCloud – underwhelming for this user

I updated my MacBook Pro with the latest Lion update and my iPad to iOS5.  This brings with it the much-heralded iCloud.  But I’m not exclusively a Mac user, so I’m not convinced it’ll be particularly useful.  I don’t have… Continue Reading →

Geek joke: X11 (xkcd)

Well, here’s another spectacularly geeky cartoon from xkcd: I’ve just been playing with the beta release of Ubuntu GNU/Linux 11.10 (Oneiric Ocelot, if I have the spelling correct), due for release this week – tomorrow if memory serves.  I had some issues… Continue Reading →

Removing (or hiding) iTunes!

Having written just the other day why I view the iPad as an appliance or a gadget rather than a personal computer (my judgement revolved around limits to what the user is able to do with the device), I found… Continue Reading →

Cowon X7 PMP review, Part 2

A review update for the Cowon X7 Personal Media Player. I’ve still really only explored the audio functions (though I did try the radio player). I have played about with four UCIs (User Contributed Interface, I think), which I believe… Continue Reading →

Groklaw to stop publishing on May 16th

I don’t suppose most people are aware of the continued threats against Linux by those companies who feel threatened by the growth of Linux.  Many out there believe that Linux is just some minority OS that’s not user-friendly and is… Continue Reading →

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