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What is the UK best at?

Courtesy of Information is Beautiful, we now find out what the UK is best at (Because Every Country Is The Best At Something). So, where Madagascar is best at vanilla, the Netherlands is best at Ecstasy, and Estonia is best… Continue reading →

Firefox Ghostery plug-in causing grief?

I’ve been using the Firefox plug-in Ghostery for some time now to prevent web-tracking scripts, except when there was a buggy release that prevented Firefox from closing down cleanly.  I just upgraded Ubuntu GNU/Linux to 10.04 (Lucid Lynx), and as… Continue reading →

The UK DNA database – obfuscation and utility

Here’s a report criticising recent Government pronouncements on DNA data retention (one of many to surface on the internet today) Public being misled over DNA benefits – Public Service.  In the runup to the UK elections, the main political parties… Continue reading →

Google Buzz – WTF?

I have a Google Mail account, principally because it was the easiest way to set up an account with Google (for things like Google Maps APIs and a few webmaster tools).  I noticed a bit of a buzz on the… Continue reading →

BT and the heavy hand of censorship

British Telecom’s customer help forums appear to have moved from beta to a final version.  During the great Phorm Phiasco, when BT were planning to use the vile Phorm DPI system to illegally pry into their customers’ internet usage, there… Continue reading →

Ghostery Firefox plugin sold

I picked the news that Better Advertising Acquires Ghostery via the No DPI forum.  Ghostery is a very popular plugin that identifies tracking scripts on webpages, and offers the option of blocking said scripts.   I’m not sure how significant… Continue reading →

The Register – Mobile ISPs object to internet snooping

The Register reports that Mobile networks line up to bash net snooping plan. El Reg has used FoI requests to obtain information related to the public consultation on the UK Government’s euphemistically named “Internet Modernisation Programme”, under which all ISPs… Continue reading →

Facebook's Zuckerberg exposed by Facebook's new "privacy" rules

Zuckerberg pictures exposed by Facebook privacy roll-back • The RegisterServes him right.  And everyone should take care to keep their Facebook data restricted to those they actually want to see it.  Powered by ScribeFire.

UK Government bows down to "Big Media"

The unelected Sith Lord Mandelson, who appears to have collared vast acres of political power in the UK via his all-encompassing ministry has his Digital Economy reports Ars Technica: UK “Pirate Finder General” law innocuous now, could get ugly.  This… Continue reading →

Unsavoury web tracking, part 2

I figured I’d better make sure my own house was in order if I was going to blog about web tracking!  I’ve reviewed my websites and blogs, and find the following. Flies & Bikes (this website) – Ghostery doesn’t reveal… Continue reading →

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