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Lunatics in charge of the asylum

Over at Grumpy Bob’s Posterous – Lunatics in charge of the asylum

The Liberal Democrats and their University student fee policy

Over at Grumpy Bob’s Posterous – Is this evidence of Liberal Democrat moral bankruptcy? Yes, I think it could be construed as such.

Harman v Clegg on Student Fees

While 50,000 students protest the proposed fees increase, this exchange in Parliament:

Government U-turn over data tracking

It would seem as though the UK government has quietly performed an about turn and revived the Intercept Modernisation Plan (‘Surveillance state’ fear as government revives tracking plan | UK news | The Guardian).  As The Guardian reports: A £2bn… Continue reading →

Civil research budget cuts to be 10% (BBC)

Sitting awake after another nocturnal coughing fit (will this darned cold never shift?) in the early hours of the day in which the Government’s Spending Review details will be announced, I notice that the BBC is reporting that the civil… Continue reading →

The end of UK Higher Education?

The BBC reports 79% cut in University teaching funding (Will this mark the death of UK Universities? – Grumpy Bob’s Posterous). 

Promises, promises…or maybe pledges.

Repeal the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics

Perusing the UK Governments web consultation on the repeal of unnecessary legislation, I came across this one – Repeal the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics — HMG – Your Freedom.  Woohoo!  Just for posterity, the proposer ays: The second law of… Continue reading →

The UK DNA database – obfuscation and utility

Here’s a report criticising recent Government pronouncements on DNA data retention (one of many to surface on the internet today) Public being misled over DNA benefits – Public Service.  In the runup to the UK elections, the main political parties… Continue reading →

Differently Innocent

The Conservatives, fired by the controversial arrest of their immigration spokeman within the House of Commons earlier this year appear to be somewhat exercised by the issue DNA sample retention by the police (Police policy on deletion of DNA records… Continue reading →

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