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Horrible man bullies old bloke

Dorries' amendment shot down in flames

Well, it appears that the latest in Nadine Dorries’ attempts to limit women’s reproductive freedom got pretty short shrift in Parliament (The Guardian).  From the Guardian’s live blog: What does it mean? On Twittershortly before the vote took place Labour’s… Continue Reading →

Two more posts on the Health bill

Over at Posterous: Once again Nadine “70% fiction” Dorries falls short on telling the truth Yes, the Tories do want to lose the NHS

The future of the NHS – Don't lose sight of the bigger picture

In all the furore over the Dorries-Field attempt to restrict women’s reproductive rights, I believe that it’s important not to lose sight of the fact that this reflects a mere handful of amendments to therather larger legislative effort, a bill… Continue Reading →

Dorries anti-abortion bid in disarray…

Nadine Dorries’ thinly disguised attempt to limit terminations seems to be running out of momentum as an understanding of its implications and motivation spreads (Anti-abortion bid in disarray as critics rally | World news | The Guardian).  Some statistics relating… Continue Reading →

Fact and Fiction in Nadine Dorries’ abortion proposals

Via the National Secular Society comes this appraisal of Nadine Dorries’ plans aimed at restricting women’s reproductive rights (Nadine Dorries’ abortion proposals – Fact and Fiction | National Secular Society). The key issue here is the use of the word… Continue Reading →

Is this what one should expect from an MP?

I don’t often blog about political issues here, but I’m finding the illiberal and frankly unjust policies of the Tory government too much to bear at the moment.  And, yes, I regard this as a Tory government since their LibDem… Continue Reading →

Hacked Off

The escalating row over the News of the World phone hacking brings further revelations overnight (News of the World hacking row escalates).  Hopefully, News International’s attempt to deflect all responsibility from Rebekah brooks to Andy Coulson will fail, and blame… Continue Reading →

Protection of wildly unpopular politicians to cost £2m

The Guardian reports that the police bill to protect the Liberal Democrats at their part conference in Sheffield this weekend will reach £2 million (Police spend £2m to protect Liberal Democrats at Sheffield conference| Police are spending an estimated… Continue Reading →

The fate of the Liberal Democrats?

Not too much activity here on Flies&Bikes lately, mostly because I’ve been more active posting about intelligent design over at Wonderful Life, and grumbling about politics at Posterous.  Oh and the small matter of the day job. I just thought… Continue Reading →

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