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A variety of iPad apps

Over the year and a bit that I’ve had my iPad, I’ve tried a variety of apps.  Many of these I’ve spotted in reviews on a variety of tech websites, and some of which I’ve located myself in the app… Continue Reading →

Mythbuntu revisited

Over the last year or so, I’ve played with a home-built PVR system using the Ubuntu-based implementation of MythTV, Mythbuntu.  Mythbuntu is really just a convenient way to set up a Linux-based computer with MythTV easily installed.  Anyway, previous installments… Continue Reading →

Mythbuntu, part 3

I’ve been playing further with Mythbuntu. Using the Mythbuntu 9.10 installation (which uses MythTV 0.22), I never managed to get the Hauppauge remote working at all. And then it seemed to me that there was a rather a lot of… Continue Reading →

Mythbuntu, part 2

Some progress.  I now have Mythbuntu 9.10 working on at least one of the TV input channels. It seems to work very well, with easy to navigate programming schedules.  The first real test to to record a couple of films… Continue Reading →

Easter projects – Drupal vs Joomla! and tangling with Mythbuntu

Usually, the short holidays such as Xmas and Easter provide me with the opportunity to put some time aside to deal with ongoing projects, often related to websites and/or computing.  This easter was no exception – I decided to overhaul… Continue Reading →

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