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Mathematical and Systems Biology

I was in London on Friday for the latest progress meeting of the SysMIC project. It’s a project funded by the BBSRC as a resource for members of its research community: from graduates beginning their career through to established researchers… Continue Reading →

Border Guards vs Drosophila, part 3

The latest in the ongoing saga of our fly shipment from the USA is that our packet of flies finally made it to the lab.  They’ve been in transit for exactly three weeks*, and of course kept in in known… Continue Reading →

Border Guards vs Drosophila, part 1

I have been conducting research using the fruit fly Drosophila melanogaster since I started my PhD in 1982.  In that time I have imported countless consignments of fly strains through the post and by courier (such as Federal Express).  On… Continue Reading →

Border Guards vs Drosophila, part 2

It’s all got rather Kafka-esque as I try to resolve the ongoing Drosophila importation crisis!  It transpires that the people who have decided that importation of Drosophila should be covered by legislation aimed quite properly at preventing the import of… Continue Reading →

My Research: DmWRNexo is a 3'-5' exonuclease

The latest publication from our project investigating a Drosophila homologue of WRN exonuclease is now online.   Ivan Boubriak, Penelope A. Mason, David J. Clancy, Joel Dockray, Robert D. C. Saunders, Lynne S. Cox (2008). DmWRNexo is a 3′–5′ exonuclease: phenotypic… Continue Reading →

What are the Header images?

The header images are all related to Drosophila: Above: These are the giant polytene chromosomes found in a variety of tissues in Drosophila – these are from the salivary gland cells of the third instar larva.  Calvin Bridges (see picture… Continue Reading →

FlyTree – Academic heritage of Drosophila research

Here’s an cool page showing academic pedigrees of Drosophila workers: FlyTree.  It’s interesting to see how few steps it takes to get back as far as T. H. Morgan!  For example, here’s where I fit in the grand scheme: Robert… Continue Reading →

The video press release from the BBSRC

Well, I have finally plucked up the courage to present a link to the video press release that the BBSRC issued on youtube: [video: 425×344]

The Aging Cell paper – update

The publishers seem to be making changes at the Aging Cell web pages.  This has meant that the paper is not presently available on open access, for which which Lynne and I paid a significant amount. In the meantime, I’ve… Continue Reading →

More on the Press Releases

Both the Open University and Oxford University websites have their own versions of the press release.  Lynne had a TV interview with BBC Oxford yesterday, while I had a radio interview yesterday and another scheduled for tomorrow (broadcast for today… Continue Reading →

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