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Spotify, its business model and its future

Prompted by an article in The Guardian (Spotify opens up analytics in effort to prove its worth to doubting musicians), I visited a Spotify website which seeks to de-mystify the periodic brouhaha around Spotify’s business model and whether or not… Continue Reading →

Spotify. Good or bad?

I’ve been a Spotify subscriber for about 9 months now, and I view it as a really exciting and useful way to listen to new music. But some in the music industry view it more darkly – see for example… Continue Reading →

My journey to the dark side is complete…

I have decided to try a 30 day trial of Spotify premium. This is kind of alien to me, really, as my whole music listening past has been focussed on collecting music – mostly in album form – and the… Continue Reading →

Twitter sanctioned spamming

This morning I received a tweet in my twitter stream from some internet Bingo outfit, from an account that I don’t follow. It’s not unusual to pick up spammers on Twitter, but this one was a bit unusual – it… Continue Reading →

The ubiquity of Facebook

Ove the last few years, I’ve dabbled in Facebook, but frankly never really wanted to share all the trivia of my life with others, and nor did I want to know the trivia of other peoples’ lives.  Periodically, Facebook seemed… Continue Reading →

Rapid software release cycles

There seems to be a growing tendency for software updates to be pushed out to users at a fixed and high frequency. I’ve kind of got used to this through Ubuntu GNU/Linux releases every 6 months (but there it’s generally… Continue Reading →

Apparently I'm blocked in Yunnan province

I picked up a link to a website that claims to test if your website is blocked by the Great Firewall of China.  Interestingly the results are as follows: This website appears to be blocked in Yunnan province – I… Continue Reading →

My year in tech

2010 has seen some shifts in my usage of computer technology. After many months pooh-poohing the iPad (after all, what would I need an unfeasibly large iPod Touch for, anyway?), I had something of a change of heart. This was… Continue Reading →

My year in blogging

2010 seemed to bring with it several directions for my web presence. My main Flies&Bikes website tended towards becoming a vehicle for reporting on my cycle racing, usually amplifying on the reports on club events filed at the North Bucks… Continue Reading →

TalkTalk to continue invasion of customers' privacy

The BBC reports that the UK ISP TalkTalk (also known as StalkStalk) is pressing on with its intrusive malware scanning system (Talk Talk to introduce controversial virus alert system).  However a better analysis can be read over at NoDPI (Update:… Continue Reading →

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