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xkcd on Beauty

Seasonal incident

A seasonal cartoon from xkcd… Somebody must read all those logfiles…surely?

xkcd – Tech Support

The latest from xkcd tickled me – this sort of conversation with “tech” support is why I changed ISP (well, that and the Phorm phiasco).

Password reuse (xkcd)

Here’s a rather good webcomic from the ever-reliable xkcd.com: Actually, it’s a very pressing concern – how does one keep track (securely) of the passwords that protect our many accounts round the web?  Not quite so sure about Google, though!

Belief in homeopathy not a selective advantage…

I rather like today’s xkcd cartoon…even though they understate homeopathic dilutions…

Repeal the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics

Perusing the UK Governments web consultation on the repeal of unnecessary legislation, I came across this one – Repeal the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics — HMG – Your Freedom.  Woohoo!  Just for posterity, the proposer ays: The second law of… Continue reading →

Bizarre advertising

So, there appears to be a new Microsoft XBox 360 campaign running on UK TV, hot on the heels of the annoying Windows 7 shorts – I caught it last night on ITV. The first part of the catch phrase… Continue reading →

What is the UK best at?

Courtesy of Information is Beautiful, we now find out what the UK is best at (Because Every Country Is The Best At Something). So, where Madagascar is best at vanilla, the Netherlands is best at Ecstasy, and Estonia is best… Continue reading →

Will an iPad blend?

For those of us tired of hearing how Apple have reinvented mobile computing with the iPad, here’s evidence there’s one less iPad on the planet – “Will it blend? – iPad” courtesey of Blendtec, via YouTube. As ever, not to… Continue reading →

xkcd – Batman and the randomised acne trial

The xkcd web comic has been particularly good lately (a standout was the Mars rover comic), but I found the quirkiness of this one just tickled my funny bone:

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