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Beware of the elephants

This amended road sign in Scotland has always amused me.

Christmas songs…

Xkcd’s cartoon today on Christmas songs and baby-boomers in the USA.  But of course we in the UK favour Slade!

xkcd: The wisdom of the ancients

This is like a scene from my life with computers…

How I love personalised spam email

In my work mailbox, I receive a daily dose of emails soliciting my participation in international conferences (usually, but not always, located in China or one of the arab nations, and usually in a field or research I’m not active… Continue Reading →

Geek joke: X11 (xkcd)

Well, here’s another spectacularly geeky cartoon from xkcd: I’ve just been playing with the beta release of Ubuntu GNU/Linux 11.10 (Oneiric Ocelot, if I have the spelling correct), due for release this week – tomorrow if memory serves.  I had some issues… Continue Reading →

Eternal Flame

OK, as well as marking the death of Steve Jobs, today’s xkcd cartoon pretty well sums up today’s experience of working with Word on a MacBook Pro: This has happened to me several times today.  It spins and it spins… Continue Reading →

Google +

Well, I joined Google+ while in France.  Which has resulted in a strange blend of English and French in by Google+ page (Franglais?).  Anyway, until I build up enough contacts in my circles, I see tumbleweed blowing.  The interface is… Continue Reading →

Telomeres, exercise and the work ethic…

It’s not often I see telomeres referenced in a web comic. Here’s today’s Dilbert:

Darmok and Jalad (xkcd)

The latest cartoon from xkcd refers to my favourite episode of Star Trek: TNG.  Actually, I suppose I generally found ST:TNG rather un-memorable, usually with facile plot resolutions.  But this episode I thought was quite imaginative.

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