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A visit to the F. T. Bidlake Memorial

I live and time trial in the London North District, where the flagship course over many years has been the F1, which uses the A1 dual carriageway (formerly the Great North Road). The Great North Road has been significant in… Continue Reading →

Sydney Brenner on C. elegans

The latest issue of Genetics to flop onto my desk has a rather nice article by Sydney Brenner entitled “In the Beginning Was the Worm…“. This brief article (in the regularly excellent Perspectives section) presents an account of the origins… Continue Reading →

Stalin – voted third greatest Russian?

The BBC reports that Stalin has been voted into third place in a poll for the greatest Russian, held by a Russian TV station. Never mind that he was born in Gori in Georgia! (You may recall Gori from the… Continue Reading →

The computer mouse is 40 years old…

 Here’s a demo film from 1968 showing one of the first computer mice…I love the peculiar combined keyboard/mouse pad that resembles an airline meal tray. [video: 425×344]

FlyTree – Academic heritage of Drosophila research

Here’s an cool page showing academic pedigrees of Drosophila workers: FlyTree.  It’s interesting to see how few steps it takes to get back as far as T. H. Morgan!  For example, here’s where I fit in the grand scheme: Robert… Continue Reading →

The Whisperers – Orlando Figes

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