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Raspberry Pi as a Squeezebox

I’ve blogged in the past about the really rather wonderful but sadly discontinued Squeezebox system of networked media players (see for example 2013 – My year as a music consumer and Squeezebox RIP). It hadn’t escaped my notice that the… Continue Reading →

Smartphones, tablets and styli

It’s always struck me that handwriting was a natural way to use a tablet computer, though maybe this is a hangover from my days as a Pocket PC user! But the Apple Way is not to use a pen or… Continue Reading →


A few years ago, I decided to have a play with using a power meter in my training. Because I wasn’t too sure about how useful I’d find this, I went with the cheap option – a Polar CS600X with… Continue Reading →

Squeezebox RIP

A few years ago, I encountered a review of a networked music player that seemed rather useful – the Squeezebox. This was a small unit that connected wirelessly to a computer on the home network (or to a manufacturer-maintained server… Continue Reading →

Third generation iPad

I never upgraded from the first generation iPad to the second. I thought the second generation was more of a generation 1.5. But I was sorely tempted by the upcoming 3G iPad. Indeed, the improved cameras and retina display were… Continue Reading →

New for old

Way back in late November, Apple announced that some first generation iPod Nano models had defective batteries that represented a hazard, and that they had instituted a replacement programme. Visiting the website revealed that mine was one of those to… Continue Reading →

Chez Grumpy gets a new router

Where I live, firmly in the home counties, we have a pretty crap electricity supply.  It is prone to cutting out unexpectedly.  This afternoon was one such occasion, and when the power came back my router (a Netgear model, slightly… Continue Reading →

A variety of iPad apps

Over the year and a bit that I’ve had my iPad, I’ve tried a variety of apps.  Many of these I’ve spotted in reviews on a variety of tech websites, and some of which I’ve located myself in the app… Continue Reading →

Mythbuntu revisited

Over the last year or so, I’ve played with a home-built PVR system using the Ubuntu-based implementation of MythTV, Mythbuntu.  Mythbuntu is really just a convenient way to set up a Linux-based computer with MythTV easily installed.  Anyway, previous installments… Continue Reading →

Amazon Kindle 4

Perhaps it’s something to do with the change in focus at the end of the racing season, but I’m often tinkering around with tech stuff in the autumn!  Anyway, I’ve just taken delivery of one of the new Kindle e-book… Continue Reading →

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