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Darwin 200 – "Blogging the Origin" on ScienceBlogs

I picked up on this new blog at ScienceBlogs – "Blogging the Origin" via Science’s Origins blog.  In this blog, science writer and evolutionist John Whitfield, who bravely admits to never having read The Origin of Species before, is conducting… Continue reading →

Darwin 200 – Science's Origins blog

The journal Science has launched a new blog to celebrate the Darwin 200 anniversary, entitled Origins. There’s an rss feed. In the current issue of the journal are articles by Peter Bowler on Darwin’s Originality and by Carl Zimmer entitled… Continue reading →

Stephen Green, God and evolution

I was interested to know more about Stephen Green, the man who has filed a complaint with the Advertising Standards Authority against the Atheist Bus ad campaign.  The blog site mediawatchwatch has an interview with Stephen Green, dating from June… Continue reading →

In the Journals – Spiders, silk and evolution

Yet another palaeontology blog post!  This story roared round the internet just before Christmas (for example the BBC News story), but I found it interesting as a non-specialist in arachnid evolution or palaeontology, partly because of the methods used for… Continue reading →

In the Journals – 15 Evolutionary Gems

In this year of not only the 200th anniversary of Charles Darwin’s birth, but the 150th anniversary of the publication of The Origin of Species, we can expect the major celebratory events to be countered by the usual mediaevally-minded creationist… Continue reading →

Darwin 200 – Big Idea Big Exhibition

The Natural History Museum has a packed programme of events to celebrate the big Darwin anniversary in 2009.   I’m not sure why they’ve chosen the image on the left as par tof the logo – it seems to suggest Darwin… Continue reading →

Royal Mail Darwin 200 stamps

The Royal Mail has issued (or will issue) stamps to celebrate the upcoming Darwin anniversary.  There’s also a miniature sheet, depicting the Galapagos Islands, and a variety of the specialised fauna found there. I think they are particularly attractive, and… Continue reading →

Darwin 200 at the Open University

The Open University is hosting a web page devoted to the upcoming Darwin 200 anniversary.  Usefully, it’s also the 150th anniversary of the publication of the Origin of Species (free e-book, web book), possibly the most influential work in science… Continue reading →

In the Journals – The origin of digits

Once again, I find myself interested in a paper about the analysis of a fossil! This time the point of interest is origin of the tetrapod limb digits. The origins of the proximal elements of the tetrapod limb are well… Continue reading →

In the Journals – Selfish Genetic Elements and Polyandry

This interesting paper investigates whether there is a relationship between polyandry and selfish genetic elements, in the fruit fly Drosophila pseudoobscura.  Polyandry – where females have multiple mating partners – is widespread in animals, but despite its frequency, little is… Continue reading →

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