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On the gain of genes and gene function (Wonderful Life)

I’ve posted a brief article (On the gain of genes and gene function) over at Wonderful Life on two recent papers that reveal something of the rate and nature of gene duplication and diversification within the species of Drosophila.  This… Continue Reading →

Wonderful Life

The WordPress blog I described the other day has been fully launched – Wonderful Life – and is hosted here rather than at  I wanted to be able to do some css tweaking, and that proved a bit easier… Continue Reading →

Bryan Appleyard on Darwin and Evolution in The Times

Via the excellent Pharyngula blog, I came across this ridiculous article by Bryan Appleyard in The Times:  For God’s sake, have Charles Darwin’s theories made any difference to our lives? – published on 11th January (so I got to it… Continue Reading →

Stephen Green, God and evolution

I was interested to know more about Stephen Green, the man who has filed a complaint with the Advertising Standards Authority against the Atheist Bus ad campaign.  The blog site mediawatchwatch has an interview with Stephen Green, dating from June… Continue Reading →

Islamic creationist in the clink

I picked this story up from Pharyngula.  The crazed Islamic creationist Harun Yahya, real name Adnan Oktar has been banged up for three years by an Istanbul court (Reuters). Oktar runs a bizarre publishing enterprise that sends out huge and… Continue Reading →

Zealots burn Dawkins

Well, actually, a bunch of American Baptists burnt an effigy of Richard Dawkins. It is pretty impressive that standing up for your views on life and religion can provoke such a response. On the other hand, they also burnt an… Continue Reading →

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