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Latest on Ben Goldacre vs Jeni Barnett over MMR

Ben Goldacre’s posted an update on the fracas with LBC and Jeni Barnett over their ill-advised broadcast on the topic of the MMR vaccine and autism.  In essence, while LBC’s decision to threaten their legal muscle did cause Goldacre to… Continue reading →

Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council is a joke

The Chairperson of the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council has announced an alternative therapy ‘crackdown’, according to the BBC news. How interesting: It will not judge clinics on whether therapies are effective, but rather on whether they operate a professional… Continue reading →

In the Journals – Ayurvedic Rasayana therapy in brain aging

 While browsing through Biogerontology looking for the citation details of one of my publications (which appears to still be available only online), I came across this review, which kind of stands out because of its subject matter.  And any paper… Continue reading →

Killer mushrooms

There’s an interesting news article in Science, entitled Last Stand for the Body Snatcher of the Himalayas?, concerning a fungus with quite unusual habits.  The full citation can be found at the end of this article. Cordyceps sinensis is a… Continue reading →

Homeopathic dog poop

I came across a link to Excrementum Can. (canine faeces) in a comment left at the excellent quackometer site.  Helios Homeopathy do indeed sell Excrementum Can. at a variety of extreme dilutions (can’t be much fun doing those preparations, at… Continue reading →

Quack legal action fails

Over at the Quackometer blog, a report that a quack’s legal action against the Guardian over an article by Ben Goldacre has failed.  Goldacre himself writes about it in the Bad Science blog (and presumably in today’s Guardian). This libel… Continue reading →

Bad Science – Ben Goldacre

Ben Goldacre will be familiar to Guardian readers and those (like me) who regularly check up his Bad Science blog.  This book shares much of the subject matter Goldacre covers in his blog: bad science journalism, dodgy medical research, quack… Continue reading →

Chiropractors vs Singh

The Quackometer and Holfordwatch blogs report that the British Chiropractic Association, presumably fired by their New Zealand colleagues’ attempts to silence scientific opinion, have filed a suit against Simon Singh following an article originally published in the Guardian (but now… Continue reading →

Trick or Treatment

Ofquack website now online

I notice that the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council  (CNHC) are now online.  At this time, the website is pretty spartan, but what is notable is not so much what is said, but what is not said.  There’s no indication… Continue reading →

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