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Belief in homeopathy not a selective advantage…

I rather like today’s xkcd cartoon…even though they understate homeopathic dilutions…

Simon Singh libel case update

It’s reported that the British Chiropractic Association have admitted defeat in their ill-fated and stupid attempt to silence criticism (Ely Place – News).  I wonder where this leaves Simon Singh who, as I understand it, is a couple of hundred… Continue Reading →

10:23 – the reality of homeopathy

A new site promoting a rational attitude to homeopathy has gone live (Homeopathy: There’s nothing in it | The 10:23 Campaign | #ten23). The focus appears to be The 10:23 campaign aims to raise awareness of the reality of homeopathy… Continue Reading →

Libel Reform – website and report

This looks to be good.  As legal blogger Jack of Kent writes today (Libel Reform: Free Speech is not for Sale), two pressure groups, English Pen and Index on Censorship, have conducted a joint inquiry into English libel law –… Continue Reading →

The stupid! It burns!

Here’s a physics lesson from a homeopath. I can’t wait to pass this by my colleagues in the Physics Department. Apparently this is subject to a takedown notice. Make a copy for posterity… Hat tip – PZ Myers  

BCA vs Simon Singh – it just keeps getting better…

This just in from the “foot in mouth” department. The British Chiropractic Association has written a press release, or rather two in quick succession following yesterday’s ruling that Simon Singh has leave to appeal against the BCA’s libel case. In… Continue Reading →

Simon Singh granted leave to appeal

News is spreading across the blogosphere that Simon Singh has been granted leave to appeal in the libel case brought by the British Chiropractic Association. Rather that repeat what’s being said, I’ll merely refer to one of those blogs: Dr… Continue Reading →

Mitchell & Webb – Homeopathic A&E

I caught this excellent sketch on this week’s That Mitchell & Webb Look (BBC2). [video: 580×360]

Ben Goldacre releases Bad Science's "missing chapter"

Ben Goldacre has published the "missing chapter" from his excellent book Bad Science on his BadScience blog (Matthias Rath – steal this chapter).  He was unable to include it in the book because Rath mounted a legal action against Goldacre… Continue Reading →

Autism, MMR, teddy bears and causation

While wandering round the internet during the recent flare-up of bloggers writing about recent developments in the MMR-autism conspiracy theory, I came across this neat graphic which seems to me to encapsulate some of the issues relation to causation vs… Continue Reading →

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