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Trick or Treatment

Envisioning Information – Edward R. Tufte

Envisioning Information by Edward R. Tufte I got a copy of this book over the Christmas period (I now have all four of Tufte’s books). This follows the pattern of the other three – beautiful production values, and an authoritative… Continue reading →

A Campus Conspiracy

I don’t read a lot of fiction, but this novel was quite appealing in its subject matter. Written by “Anonymous” (the author would appear to be auniversity academic), the novel is an accurately targeted satire on modern university politics and… Continue reading →

In Search of Robert Millar – Richard Moore

  When I became interested in cycling again in the late 1980s, Robert Millar was for me the big name in the professional peleton. Only being peripherally involved in cycling at that time, I was really unaware of the Millar’s… Continue reading →

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