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Thank you, Andrew Wakefield

The BBC reports that UK measles rates continue to rise (Rise in measles ‘very worrying’), in response to falling levels of MMR vaccination.  The downward trend in MMR vaccination followed Andrew Wakefield’s claims that there is a link between MMR… Continue Reading →

Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council is a joke

The Chairperson of the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council has announced an alternative therapy ‘crackdown’, according to the BBC news. How interesting: It will not judge clinics on whether therapies are effective, but rather on whether they operate a professional… Continue Reading →

Ecoflow magnets – fact or fiction?

Picked this one up via Ben Goldacre’s Bad Science miniblog, in turn linking to the Daily Mirror’s site, where an article by some investigative journalists questions the efficacy of Ecoflow magnets. It’s a pretty straightforward debunking of the claims that… Continue Reading →

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