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Bus driver vs the Atheist bus!

Now, another protest against the atheist bus, this time from a christian bus driver, who is taking exception to the phrase "There’s probably no god…". The bus company apparently will endeavour to ensure that Mr Heather won’t have to drive… Continue reading →

"Clifford Longley has been silly"

Well, Andrew Brown (in who’s blog at the Guardian I first read Clifford Longley’s dopey ASA complaint) has written a little bit more about the affair, and judges that "Clifford Longley has been silly".  At least it would seem that… Continue reading →

Clifford Longley's bogus riposte to atheist bus ripples across the interweb

It’s a few days now since Clifford Longley’s supposed complaint to the ASA was released on the internet via the wonders of blogging (for example search Google for the string "According to growing numbers of scientists, the laws and constants… Continue reading →

Rebutting Clifford Longley

The ASA complaint about the Atheist Bus ad campaign, as reported in the Guardian website supposedly emanates from one Clifford Longley.  In fact, the complaint is largely plagiarised from a religious website, and makes the same strategic cock-ups as many… Continue reading →

Stephen Green, God and evolution

I was interested to know more about Stephen Green, the man who has filed a complaint with the Advertising Standards Authority against the Atheist Bus ad campaign.  The blog site mediawatchwatch has an interview with Stephen Green, dating from June… Continue reading →

Christian Voice vs the Atheist Bus

Christian Voice are an evangelical christian lobby group which is a bit cross about the atheist bus advert campaign.  From their website, Christian Voice… …is a ministry for those Christians who are fed up with the way things are, who… Continue reading →

Longley vs the Atheist bus

Here’s another attempted broadside from religious wackos. A comment article on the Guardian website from Andrew Brown presents a statement that "distinguished religious affairs commentator" Clifford Longley (who? Presumably this Clifford Longley, who’s website hasn’t been updated in a while)… Continue reading →

Atheist bus ad update

The Daily Telegraph today has a report on the British Humanist Association’s atheist bus advert (which I posted about back in October: Humanist message on London buses).  It’s a peculiar article from the religious affairs correspondent that seems to emphasise… Continue reading →

Answering the big questions

I found this cartoon at jesusandmo.net over at Pharyngula.  

Santa vs God

So, is a belief in Santa Claus (he of the Coca-Cola-inspired red outfit) any less resonable than a belief in God (any God)?  The Unreasonable Faith blog thinks not:

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