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Jesus & Mo…and student unions

In reponse to the latest crawling from a Student Union over the recent Jesus and Mo fracas, and indeed the recent example of intimidation at an event featuring a dicussion of sharia law and women’s rights:

2011 UK Census: If you're not religious, say so!

The British Humanist Association has been campaigning for UK citizens to accurately respond to the census question on religion. Why should I answer the question at all? Well, this is a personal thing and I wouldn’t pressurise people into any… Continue Reading →

2011 UK Census

The 2011 UK census forms are being mailed around now.Visit the Census Campaign to find out why you should check the “No Religion” option if you have no religious belief.

Recent blogging activity

The flies&bikes blog has been a bit quiet lately.  This has been partly because I’ve been rather distracted by events and activities at work, partly because much of what I write about relates to my bike racing (which is seasonal),… Continue Reading →

Welsh councillor gets hassle for labelling Scientology "stupid"

The New Humanist blog is one of many web sites reporting on a fracas involving criticism via Twitter of Scientology (Welsh councillor in trouble for calling Scientology “stupid” on Twitter ). The synopsis of this story is that When Cardiff… Continue Reading →

Delusional housing officer given the boot

The website Christian Concern for our Nation takes up their cudgels to stand up for a sacked housing officer Justice for Duke Campaign. In common with many religious sites, there doesn’t appear to be a comment feature for curmudgeonly atheists… Continue Reading →

There's probably no teapot

Been a bit busy over at Wonderful Life, and at work this week to maintain the accelerating pace of blogging.  Here’s an amusing little website animation for your amusement.  Thanks to the excellent PZMyers for the headsup.

Wonderful Life

The WordPress blog I described the other day has been fully launched – Wonderful Life – and is hosted here rather than at  I wanted to be able to do some css tweaking, and that proved a bit easier… Continue Reading →

WordPress installation

Over the weekend I’ve been playing around with WordPress, having set up a blog over at, where you can set up a blog spectacularly quickly (as you can over with Google’s  As a fairly experienced Joomla! user, I… Continue Reading →

Bryan Appleyard on Darwin and Evolution in The Times

Via the excellent Pharyngula blog, I came across this ridiculous article by Bryan Appleyard in The Times:  For God’s sake, have Charles Darwin’s theories made any difference to our lives? – published on 11th January (so I got to it… Continue Reading →

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