Bedfordshire Road CC Charity '25' 9/8/15

We had a really rather nice morning for the Befordshire Road CC Charity ’25’. This was particularly welcome after a couple of frankly rather soggy and cold events. The sun was shining, and there was only a gentle (but rising) head wind to the turn, and a fast trip back.

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Stagsden '10' 29/7/15

This event, as well as contributing to the NBRC club time trial league, was also the NBRC Championship ’10’. Accordingly I was pretty keen to ride. I ignored comments from work colleagues that rain was forecast, and rode up to Stagsden without a rain jacket, which turned out to be a bad move.

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VTTA '25' Championship 26/7/15

When I heard the 2015 VTTA Championship was to be held of the famous ‘cheatie’ course in South Wales in July 2015, I was obviously interested. Not only was this an opportunity to ride on what may well be the fastest ‘25’ course in the country, but it would be an opportunity to visit ‘Grumpy’ Art Vanderlay (aka Gerry) in the summer, with the attendant good weather not usually seen when I usually race 2-up in March.Oh, how well-laid plans fail. The drive over on Friday was horrid, with masses of traffic, really bad weather and it took 6 hours. Saturday was some kind or compensation – we had nice weather for a jaunt out to the Welsh National Botanic Gardens followed by watching the Alpe d’Huez stage of the Tour de France.Unfortunately the weather for the R25/3L on Sunday morning was completely awful. In the end Gerry decided not to ride, and of 150 on the start sheet (plus reserves), only 57 finished the event. It was very windy – 22mph plus 35mph gusts -  but also very wet and cold. Quite ridiculous for an event in the last weekend in July.Gerry, having decided not to ride, kindly took me round for a second recce of Neath Bank before returning me to the start. Somewhat dubiously I rode to the start. Off I went, and almost immediately got blown so suddenly I felt my bike was moving sideways. Composing myself after that burst of adrenalin, I carried on across the industrial estate roundabout. I managed to miss the subtle left pointing arrow at the next roundabout and almost didn’t make the turn onto the A465 (there wasn’t a marshal).Then it was on to the famous Neath Bank. I have to confess I took this cautiously, maxing at about 43mph. But I thought this was sensible. The rid out to the next turn was reasonably quick. I saw Gerry on the roadside trying to take a picture with his phone. Fortunately I’m quite familiar with the turn, as the Port Talbot Wheelers’ 2-up event turns there – it’s quite a confusing turn, and there was a multitude of signage but only a single marshal.We’d expected the wind to provide a bit of assistance after the Aberdulais turn. Sadly, this turned out not to be the case, and I had a bit of a grind to the finish with a nagging headwind for most of it.I finished with 56:15 (+12:50), and I was reasonably happy with that, given the conditions.We then dashed back to get cleaned up and drive out to our favourite local restaurant, Y Polyn, for a slap up feed that pretty much made me soporific for the rest of the day!Result at the VTTA website

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Brogborough '10' 22/7/15

After the Norlond ‘10’ a week and a half earlier, I was optimistic that I’d have a good ride in this evening club event, especially since the conditions were really rather good! Unfortunately, an encounter with a car at the mid-way Marston Moretaine roundabout delayed me a bit, and left me in a state of disarray!I really struggled during this event and finished with 22:27. Even taking the incident at the roundabout into account, I didn’t seem to be firing on all cylinders!Still, I had high hopes for the weekend’s VTTA ‘25’ Championship.Results at the NBRC website.

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Stony '11.4' 15/7/15

We had a nice evening for this event, in contrast to my ride to work on the P5 through pretty damp conditions. I also picked up a flint that penetrated my front tyre. I booted the tyre while at work, and got it reasonably inflated before riding out to Stony Stratford for the evening's time trial. I arrived to find quite a few riders lined up to sign on - in total we had 15 riders.I found the outbound leg tough as usual - but I thought my speed was even slower than usual, especially on the climb to Nash. Anyway, once through Nash, things picked up a little, and certainly after the turn I felt pretty good. It was a bit irritating therefore to be stopped by a car backing out of a drive and then sitting stationary in the road. I passed this car (the driver said something to me as I passed, but I couldn't catch it) and quickly got up to speed.I roared down the hill to Beachampton at a pretty good lick, before coping with the turns, rough surfaces and generally draggy sections of the course and finishing. I ended up with 27:11, to take the win this evening. I was left wondering if I'd have sneaked a long 26 had I not been delayed by that car!Results (at the NBRC website) 

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Norlond '10' F15/10 11/7/15

This open ’10’ was on the by now familiar F15/10 Brogborough course. I rode out to the HQ in the Marston Social Club in plenty of time. I was planning on wearing one of my skinsuits modified with a NoPinz number pocket, so I took the skinsuit in a backpack along with my aerohat. It was quite clear on the ride out that the time trial would be affected by a headwind on the return leg (and, of course, would benefit from a tailwind on the way out).

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Astwood '20' 8/7/15

This event was the club’s time trial championship, and as usual was held over two laps of the Astwood circuit. As for the other events on the course, we used the revised version that starts and finishes near the BikeBus cafe (and most recently modified to start further from houses).

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Stoke Hammond '10' 1/7/15

The hottest day of the year saw 13 riders lining up for a club event on the Stoke Hammond course in very hot and humid conditions. It was actually around 37oC for the race! I arrived quite early, as Tony was setting out some signage and I ended up hanging about, beating off the horse flies that plagued us. In fact, as I write this a few days after the event, I’m suffering several itchy bites!

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2015 "Summer" Tour - Outer Hebrides, Skye, Ardnamurchan, Mull

Our 2015 tour was organised after a winter and spring in which our cycling had been seriously curtailed by pressure of work. Accordingly (a) we desperately needed a break, and (b) I needed to be quite conservative about projected daily mileage.

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Brogborough '10' 10/6/15

In which I almost bottle out, then lose my bottle!

After last week's relatively balmy conditions, this evening was a bit of a shock. Unseasonably cold, and with a very strong head wind for the out bound leg, this event was always going to be 'interesting'.Over the past week, I'd been having a bit of trouble with the front brake on my P5 bike. I had stupidly screwed the pressure point adjustment screw too far in, to the point the brake was no longer functional. This required a tricky disassembly and then re-filling the system with oil. It took a fair bit of application to do this. It wasn't until the day of the race that I finally got this sorted out!  There had also been some kind of serious accident on the course on the previous week (I don't know the details, but sadly I think it involved several fatalities). This had needed some kind of repairs to the roadside barriers, and threatened a weekend open event, though it was cleared by Wednesday evening.Anyway, I rode over in time to sign on as #22. I got cold at the start! The initial descent was a little alarming, with the wind buffeting my front H3, and I decided discretion was the better part of valour and didn't attempt to use the tribars. At the bottom of the hill, I could see a large collection of flowers left at the roadside, but the newly repaired tarmac and barriers, which sort of stuck in the mind a bit.Once down the hill, it was quite odd, with my speed varying between low 20s and well over 27 mph, presumably depending on a mix of gradient and exposure to the headwind. I wasn't too troubled by this most of the way, and anyway was looking forward to the return leg! I had no traffic holdups at either the first or the turn RAB, and I set off on the return.I quickly found myself flying back. Sadly, I was zooming along at around 30mph over one of the rougher sections of tarmac when I heard a bang and a clatter, and I saw black object leap off my bike, bounce of my transmission and disappear back off down the road. My first reaction was that it was one of the front brake shrouds (remember I'd been fiddling with the front brake), so I jammed the anchors on. At least the front brake did work! It turned out to be the bottle, now minus its cap. I retrieved the bottle and set off again, cursing myself for not just carrying on (after all, a capless aero bottle isn't much use).The rest of the race was pretty uneventful, though the stop must have cost me quite a bit of time, especially since I found myself starting a in a mammoth gear! Still, you live and learn!Next up should be the Hemel Hempstead '10' on the F11/10 on Saturday. After missing some events due to pressure of work, I'm keen to ride, even if the forecast weather leaves something to be desired!
PosNoNameClubTimeCatVets Std.+ / -Vets Std
16Ady DenchSheffrec CC22.15V4626.27.+ 4.121
213Richard GoldingEquipe Velo23.02V4626.27.+ 3.252
321Jason LeeTeamMK23.24V4626.27.+ 3.035
423Lindz BarralEquipe Velo23.28Sen
522Robert SaundersNBRC23.47V5527.09.+ 3.223
619Andy WickhamNBRC23.57V4426.18.+ 2.219
724Tim BaileyTeamMK24.01V4826.36.+ 2.35.= 6
815Graham LineNBRC24.10V5026.45.+ 2.35.= 6
916Alan CraneChronos RT24.14V4626.27.+ 2.1310
1018Kevin CreeseChronos RT24.27V6127.44.+ 3.174
119Ant NewlandBossard Wheelers24.32V4926.41.+ 2.0912
1212Dave PriceNBRC24.51V4726.32.+ 1.4114
.=135Graham MackieCorley Cycles24.52V5326.59.+ 2.0713
.=1314Jacob TreshamCorley - Drops RT24.52Jnr.
1511Ian MarkhamChronos RT25.02V4626.27.+ 1.2515
168Paul WoodhamBossard Wheelers25.54V6428.06.+ 2.1211
174Dave BrownLeighton Buzzard Roads CC25.58V6628.23.+ 2.258
183Ian Stokes45 Road Club26.19V5527.09.+ 0.5017
1917David CreeseChronos RT26.49V6327.59.+ 1.1016
207Trevor WatsonBossard Wheelers27.20V5627.14.- 0.0619
2120Luke DaniellsNBRC28.12V4226.09.- 2.0320
2210Helene WightCorley Cycles28.31LV5229.03.+ 0.3218
232Dave CraneChronos RT31.26V5026.45.- 4.4122
241John PickChronos RT32.39V7029.02.- 3.3721
Time keepers:- Steph Cousins & Tony Farmborough NBRC
Pusher off:- Bryan Scarborough. NBRC

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Stony '11.4' 3/6/15

This was my first time trial after returning from our tandem cycle tour in the Hebrides and was a return to the Stony Stratford course after three weeks (I failed to post a report on that event). It was actually the nicest evening for a club event this year, nice and warm and with only a light breeze to contend with.The nice weather brought out the usual crop of airborne arthropods (the course is flanked by crops, livestock and waterways): throughout the event, I could hear insects bouncing off my aero hat! Actually, my legs felt they were still in touring mode, and in particular I found getting up the hill to Nash a bit tough, even tought than usual. Other than that, I cannot point the finger at any cause of problems.I finished with 28:11, to take third place (second place on vets standard), behind Simon Cannings, who did a sterling ride, and Dave Glossy. Results

PosNoNameClubTimeCatVets Std.+ / -
111Simon CanningsEquipe Velo25.57V4530.07.+ 4.10
210David GlossyTeam Corley27.40V4229.51.+ 2.11
312Robert SaundersNBRC28.11V5531.00.+ 2.49
414Tim BaileyTeamMK28.18V4830.22.+ 2.04
56Andy SharmanBaines Racing28.26V4430.02.+ 1.36
616Jason LeeTeamMK28.30V4630.12.+ 1.42
75Ant NewlandBossard Wheelers28.35V4930.28.+ 1.53
88Graham LineNBRC29.10V5030.33.+ 1.23
99Darren HaydonNBRC29.20V4430.02.+ 0.42
1017Gavin OldEquipe Velo29.44V4329.56.+ 0.12
1113Mick AtkinsonTeamMK29.50V4630.12.+ 0.22
124Paul WoodhamBossard Wheelers30.16V6432.06.+ 1.50
137Clive FaineTeamMK / MKCA31.27V6832.46.+ 1.19
143Trevor WatsonBossard Wheelers32.26V5631.06.- 1.20
152Wayne ThomasNBRC32.42V6432.06.- 0.36
161John PickChronos RT39.27V7033.10.- 6.17
15Luke DaniellsNBRCDNFV4229.51
Time Keepers:- Steph Cousins & Tony Farmborough NBRC
Pusher off:- Bryan Scarborough. NBRC

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Astwood '10' 6/5/15 (Abandoned)

The club had agonised about whether to run this event - 24h beforehand, it was clear that we were heading for some pretty windy conditions, with gusts up to 50mph (and of course the Astwood circuit is pretty much on a hill!). We finally took the decision not to cancel, as the BBC forecast suggested the gales would subside to a mere 24mph by 7pm.So I rode to work on my P5 as usual on race day. Unfortunately when I can to leave work for the race, I found it so windy that riding a P5 with a front trispoke was alarming at best and downright dangerous at worst! I got a lift home and switched to the P3 with a rear trispoke and a regular road wheel in the front. Unfortunately, this left me only 25 minutes to dash to the start. What the hell, I thought, I'll go for it! Sadly, the railway crossing barriers were down and I got stuck for several minutes there. It was clearly very gusty as I pressed on. I had a tail wind up the hill to Cranfield and onward to the start point of the race, so I made pretty good time. I arrived a few minutes after 7pm (well warmed up), to find several riders plus timekeepers milling about deciding whether to abandon. By this time, the wind had really whistled in, bearing a nasty shower. A few riders ventured off down the course to evaluate the situation, and an in the end the wise decision was taken to abandon and we retired to the Bikebus cafe for a coffee before returning home.It did seem as though conditions were better while we were in the cafe, but frankly I think that was an illusion - it was still pretty awful as I rode home, and I had a couple of very alarming gusts.

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VTTA '10' 4/5/15

This was only my second ride on this fast 10 mile course (F11/10), based on the A41 Tring bypass. It's a fast course because of the significant hill riders descend, but don't have to race back up. The last time I rode the course, I got held up by a line of cars at the first turn, which sort of reduced the race to a training ride!I went out to this event with Katja, who's been seeing some good performances lately, and who was off about 15 minutes after me. As per usual, I felt a distinct lack of enthusiasm as we drove out to the event and as warmed up. Also as per usual for me, the enthusiasm suddenly surfaced as I was just about to start!The start is on a slip road down to the A41, and I quickly got up to speed. Unfortunately that didn't last, as soon I was on the section of road that was resurfaced last year (much to the disgust of regular riders on the course) with a really rough tarmac. I found myself clattering along and feeling that everything was horribly inefficient. Still, that section got much better and by the time I reached the turn, everything seemed fine. I got round the turn without problems and set out on the main leg of the event.I felt great, and especially so on the descent, where I hit 47mph or thereabouts. We'd been warned of a couple of potholes, but frankly the road seemed in pretty good nick. I also got round the second turn without problems, and set off towards the finish. The last half mile or so seemed quite tough, not sure why! We'd been warned that we'd be disqualified if we didn't ride properly up the sliproad to pass the finish timekeeper, so I made sure I kept left! I finished in 21:27, which I think is my third best '10' ever, and my best in the the last 5 years. Just as I finished, the rain began. I think Katja got a bit wet out there, but finished with a PB (22:42?). I haven't seen a results sheet yet.

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Brogborough '10' 29/4/15

This was the first time the Brogborough '10' course had been used for an NBRC club event. The course was first used a few years ago when the new link road to the Bedford bypass was opened, thereby rendering the old A421 quite quiet. It features a gift start hill that doesn't need to to raced back up. On the other hand, the road can be quite exposed, and the surface leaves a bit to be desired in places. The Marston Moretaine roundabout needs a bit of care on the outbound leg, because the exit lane doesn't seem in line with the entry lane!On the evening, the weather was fairly breezy - what wind there was provided a bit of side and a bit of tail wind going out - though there was enough crosswind to make things a bit twitchy at times.I was number 17 in a field of 21, and as I lined up at the crest of the hill in the lea of a big articulated lorry, dark clouds were gathering as the temperature dropped. A few big raindrops fell, and I think we all felt a bit apprehensive!I set off down the hill, feeling reasonably good. There were a few minor twitches due to the wind, but nothing alarming. The outbound leg had been widely expected to be roaring fast, but I guess the real direction of the wind was not going to allow that. At times my speed fell and rose for seemingly inexplicable reasons! I had no trouble with traffic at the first pass through the Marston roundabout and only got slowed slightly at the turn roundabout. I had Andy Wickham in my sights by this time, and on the return leg used him as a target (I eventually passed him shortly before the finish).In the return leg, my speed seemed to fluctuate quite a bit, but by dint of keeping in a quite big gear, I kept things rolling well enough. The last half mile seemed absolute torture to me! I finished in 22:30 to take second place behind Jez, who did a splendid 21:11.Results

PosNoNameClubTimeCatVets Std.+ / -Vets Std
14Jez HonorEquipe Velo21.11V4426.18.+ 5.071
217Robert SaundersNBRC22.30V5527.09.+ 4.392
312Simon MossEquipe Velo22.51V4126.04.+ 3.134
421Lindz BarralEquipe Velo23.02Sen.
513David CarringtonTeamMK23.21V4926.41.+ 3 203
66James BarlowAlbarosa CC23.28Sen.
719Alan CraneChronos RT23.29V4626.27.+ 2.586
816Andy WickhamNBRC23.35V4426.18.+ 2.439
98Ant NewlandBossard Wheelers CC23.45V4926.41.+ 2.567
103Mick AtkinsonTeamMK23.50V4626.27.+ 2.3710
1111Trevor HookTeamMK24.34V5727.20.+ 2.468
1215David PriceNBRC24.52V4726.32.+ 1.4012
139Paul WoodhamBossard Wheelers CC24.58V6327.59.+ 3.015
1418Ian MarkhamChronos RT25.26V4626.27.+ 1.0114
157Trevor WatsonBossard Wheelers CC26.07V5627.14.+ 1.0713
1614Ross Andrew CallacherLeighton Buzzard Roads CC26.23Sen.
172Clive FaineTeamMK / NBRC26.26V6828.42.+ 2.1611
1820Luke DaniellsNBRC27.06V4226.09.- 0.5715
1910Dave CraneChronos RT33.41V5026.45.- 6.5616
Katja Rietdorf (#5) didn't finish. Timekeepers were Steph and Tony, with Dick doing the pushing off. Bryan, who's hand was recovering from an operation was sort of general factotum and jacket curator.

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Stony '10' 22/4/15

I usually find the events on the club's Stony Stratford course not to my liking - the course runs out via Beachampton and Nash to turn at a roundabout on the A421. The outward leg therefore has a fair bit of climbing and usually acquires a new set of potholes over each winter. In the event of roadworks or other interference in the course, we revert to a back-up course. In the backup course, riders bear left soon after the start and proceed via Calverton and Whaddon, to turn at the A421 (at a roundabout just along the road from the normal turn). The course retraces and finishes short of a give way junction. This is closer to 10 miles than the usual Stony course.The replacement course is a bit more of a challenge in some ways, overall the road surface is atrocious, very rough and bumpy (though fortunately the road up towards Whaddon has been substantially repaired), and it has several sharp corners, spiced with numerous cars parked on the road.On the evening, I just couldn't get a sense of rhythm and found myself rattling and clattering around the course. I didn't have any trouble, as one often does on this course, with people manoeuvring cars in and out of driveways. But I found myself riding very cautiously round the bends and past the parked cars.On the return leg, I completely misjudged the short but very steep climb between Whaddon and Calverton, which really knocked the stuffing out of me! Altogether a rather unsatisfactory ride. Jez Honor showed the rest of us how to do it!Results

PosNoNameClubTimeCatVets Std.+ / -Vets Std
111Jez HonorEquipe Velo25.06V4427.54.+ 2.481
27Trevor HookTeamMK27.30V5729.00.+ 1.302
312Robert SaundersNBRC27.35V5528.48.+ 1.133
44Ant SmithTeamMK28.11Sen.
55Mark SimmonsOpen University CC28.52V4227.44.- 1.088
63Mick AtkinsonTeamMK28.53V4628.04.- 0.494
713David PriceNBRC29.00V4728.08.- 0.526
810Ant NewlandBossard Wheelers29.09V4928.18.- 0.515
92Karlo Porter-PriceOpen University CC29.48V5128.27.- 1.219
108Paul WoodhamBossard Wheelers30.47V6329.41.- 1.067
116Finn HansonTeamMK30.50V5128.27.- 2.2310
129Trevor WatsonBossard Wheelers32.18V5628.54.- 3.2412
1314Wayne ThomasNBRC32.58V6429.49.- 3.0911
1415Luke DaniellsNBRC33.23V4227.44.- 5.3913
151John PickChronos RT41.34V7030.49.- 10.4514
Timekeepers - Tony Farmborough and Bryan Scarborough. 

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Astwood '10' 15/4/15

Having ignored Team Grumpy Rule #2 (Don't tinker with your bike the evening before the event. It will break, either then or, worse still, during the event) before Sunday's '25', and having paid the price in mechanical up-cocks in the opening few metres of that event it seemed entirely reasonable, I suppose, to similarly disregard Team Grumpy Rule #5 (Never train or race with a bad cough - it will destroy your entire season) and to turn out for this club event on the Astwood sporting course.The club has pretty much decided to shift the start/finish to the area of the Bikebus cafe for the Astwood events. And on an evening as lovely as this, it was indeed very nice to be able to sit out on the decking for a cup of coffee after the race! The race itself attracted 22 riders (though one poor soul punctured before starting). A cracking evening saw some fine times, notably Jason Gurney's winning ride of 22:34.For my part, I was quite pleased with 24:36, though I slipped back in the placings! I didn't really suffer from the coughing while out on the course, though I could feel a horrid rattling sensation in my chest throughout the race.It was good to see that we had several riders from Team Corley - some of who had been at the "Come and Try It" event a few weeks earlier, but some were riding for the first time.Result

PosNoNameClubTimeCatVets Std.+ / -Vets Std
14Jason GurneyArbis/Colbert Cycles RT22.34V4526.23.+ 3.491
210Richard GoldingEquipe Velo23.37V4626.27.+ 2.502
321Steve TorleyTeamMK23.49Sen.
49Simon MossEquipe Velo23.53V4126.04.+ 2.114
517Robert SaundersNBRC24.36V5527.09.+ 2.333
67Ant SmithTeamMK25.12Sen.
72Mick AtkinsonTeamMK25.19V4626.27.+ 1.085
815Alan CraneChronosRT25.25V4626.27.+ 1.037
918Andy WickhamNBRC25.28V4426.18.+ 0.508
1013Andy SharpeUnattached26.07Sen.
113Andy M.SmithTeamMK26.13V5727.20.+ 1.076
1216Ian MarkhamChronosRT27.23V4526.23.- 1.0010
1322Grame Freestone-King45 Road Club28.02V5026.45.- 1.1712
1411Paul WoodhamBossard Wheelers CC28.09V6327.59.- 0.109
158Glenn McMenaminEquipe Velo29.58V4326.13.- 3.4513
166Matt HollandClub Corley29.59Sen.
1719Helene WighsClub Corley30.07LV5229.03.- 1.0411
1812Yvonne RawClub Corley32.38LV4428.29.- 4.0914
1920Stephen MayesClub Corley33.11V5126.50.- 6.2116
201John PickChronosRT35.22V7029.02.- 6.2015
2114Dave CraneChronosRT37.38V5026.45.- 10.5317
5Jason LeeTeamMKDNSV4626.27

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Bedfordshire Road CC '25' 12/4/15

This event was on the F1B/25, the southbound course starting and finishing near Tempsford (the only F1 course remaining now the Black Cat roundabout has been “improved”. The forecast was really not encouraging: cold and breezy - at least it was a (sort of) tail wind from the south. I had chosen to ride the P5 with the Hed wheels (with a Powertap rear hub) that I used for Wednesday’s club event. In fact, I disobeyed Team Grumpy Rule #2, by tinkering with the bike on the day before, fitting normal brake blocks instead of the carbon-specific cork blocks.

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Stoke Hammond '10' 8/4/15

This was the first of our evening events in the calendar, and was on the revised Stoke Hammond ’10’ course, which moves the start away from the Kelly’s Kitchen roundabout. It’s potentially quite a quick course, I think, though the short stretch on the outward leg between the penultimate roundabout and the turn roundabout can be a bit challenging, as it’s uphill.

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Team Salesengine '10' 4/4/15

This event was my first open solo event of 2015, and was an afternoon '10' held on the F2D/10, a course based on the A428, turning at the junction with the Madingley Road into Cambridge. The weather was pretty cold, with a bit of a stiff crosswind that may have provided a bit of assistance (but not much) on the outward leg. The event also revealed a bit of an issue with the Kask aero hat!I went out to "warm up" near the start, but really only succeeded in getting quite cold! The start is down a road running alongside the A428 dual carriageway, so that provides a useful stretch of road to ride up an down.  The start itself is by a large water tower, and it's only a short distance to the roundabout where we join the sliproad to the A428 - not much time to get up to speed before slowing to take a sharp left. I went off down the sliproad pretty briskly, and just before joining the A428 proper, I looked over my right shoulder to check out the traffic situation. At this point my visor (attached with small magnets) caught the wind and flipped straight off the helmet. This was a bit annoying - I reckoned replacement visors come particularly cheap (an eyewatering £43.99 at Wiggle!!!) and for the rest of the race, my thoughts kept returning to the fate of the visor!Anyway, there was no way I was going to stop to retrieve it and I pressed on. My hands were feeling a little chilly, but apart from that I didn't feel particularly cold once I was riding. The road is a pretty nice dual carriageway course that undulates a bit, so my speed (the only numbers I could read on my Garmin) did fluctuate a bit.The turn is a bit fiddly, but at least my memory of it from previous rides was accurate - a sliproad takes you off the dual carriageway, then eventually to a roundabout that you have to ride all the way round to get to the correct exit to return to the A428. Riding back down to the dual carriageway builds up a fair bit of speed, but fairly soon after, I found myself going inexplicably slowly - presumably a combination of a slight gradient and the headwind.Not much to report on the return leg, other than I got slightly stalled by traffic at the Cambourne junction. But still that won't have represented much of a dent to my time! The it was back to the HQ to see some times, eat cake etc. I finished in 31st place with 22:44, which was a bit quicker than last year's 22:54 (and in similar conditons). Tony was 36th with 23:00. The winner was Jason Boutell with a cracking ride of 19:57.Oh, and after the event, we went off in search of my errant visor. We found it apparently undamaged sitting on its edge in the hard shoulder of the sliproad. So a happy ending, though I'll have to figure out a better way of attaching it in future.[caption id="attachment_3418" align="alignnone" width="1000"] Near the turn, minus visor (Photo: Davey Jones)[/caption][caption id="attachment_3419" align="alignnone" width="640"] Rear view showing the number pocket (Photo: Davey Jones)[/caption]Garmin Trace (no power meter used)Top 36 places (full result here):

1Jason BouttellTeam
2David McGawCambridge CC2004
2Justin LayneCC Ashwell2004
4Mark ArnoldCC Desiragear2025
5Simon NormanArbis-Colbert Cycles RT2027
6Luke HattersleySt Ives CC2033
7Daniel NorthoverFinsbury Park CC2036
8Mick HodsonSt Ives CC2043
9Tom TrimbleCC Ashwell2044
10George FoxKingscliffe Flyers2045
11Daniel BloyTeam
12Carl WhitwellSt Ives CC2101
13Phil Melling45 RC2103
14Stu WrightCarnac Planet X2120
15Richard HancockSt Neots CC2122
16Jason GreenBedfordshire Road CC2126
17Mathew EleyEly & District CC2127
18Gavin MooreTeam
19John MulveyCambridge University CC2141
20Robert WatsonNewmarket Cycling & Triathlon Club2150
21Martin ReynoldsCambridge CC2155
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30Robert GoldingEly & District CC2240
31Robert SaundersNorth Bucks RC2244
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33Chris PearceCC Ashwell2247
34Tom SykesEly & District CC2251
35Tim ChildsWesterley CC2252
36Tony ParksNorth Bucks RC2300

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Mini HiFi

I have posted before now about the excellent Squeezebox streaming audio system from Logitech that is sadly now discontinued. Since Logitech knocked their line of Squeezebox players on the head, the system seems to continue flourishing, thanks to the open source nature of the server software. Most recently, the BBC decided to implement a very poorly publicised change to the internet streams of live and listen again radio programmes (see, for example, this blog post).  Within days users of the Logitech Server had access to these streams restored, thanks to the efforts of developers who post on the forums. In contrast, users of just about every internet radio on the market and other streaming systems such as Sonos have to make do with pretty low resolution mp3 streams (and these are not a long term solution).At the moment, I am running a Squeezebox Touch and two Squeezebox Radios in my network, with an old Squeezebox 3 held in reserve. I also have three Raspberry Pi computers set up with piCorePlayer as Squeezebox players, and can stream via several apps on iPads and Android devices. So, all in all, a very versatile system, that Logitech should be ashamed of failing to support properly. Anyway, enough grumbling. Here's a neat little mini HiFi I've just set up - ultimately for use in my office.[caption id="attachment_3413" align="alignnone" width="1000"] A new, and very tiny, Squeezebox based HiFi[/caption]This uses a Raspberry Pi model B, fitted with a HiFiBerry Dac, connected to an Amptastic Mini-1 amplifier. The Mini-1  is seriously tiny, with a footprint smaller than a CD jewel case. I've just added a pair of QAcoustics bookshelf speakers. The whole shebang sounds pretty good for the price of around £300. In the office, I may well be using an old 1st gen iPad to stream music either from Spotify or via a VPN link from my home music server, rather than the Raspberry Pi.

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