VTTA 10 mile Winter TT league - Event 3 23/1/24

In this, my third event in the VTTA 10 mile Zwift TT series, I tried to maintain a steady power. I also tried ride this as I normally do road TTs - that is, at a very low cadence. This worked marginally - I seem to have improved by a piffling 4 seconds! At this rate I may have cracked 24 minutes by the end of the 8 events!

Just before embarking on my warmup, I figured out why I couldn't reach top gear - it was a problem with the placement of the outer gear housing. In retrospect, being able to access the two smallest cogs was not helpful!

Once again I tried to hold a higher power than in the first event, and once again I had trouble holding the effort.

I'm unsure why I have this trouble, but I suspect the main difference with a TT in real life is that outdoors you henerally contend with the elements and many changes in gradient. Plus you have the psychological effect of knowing the people starting ahead of you and behind you. In event 3, I did recognise one rider's name, who came storming past me within the furst minute, finishing in 20:50 actual time (NP 292W and 5.4W/kg - so much faster than me! She finished third on actual.

I haven't seen the final VTTA table yet, but I suspect she will top the table. I'll append the table when it's released.

So, allin all I am still on a learning curve. I just wish it was a steeper curve! The graphs below are from Garmin Connect.


Screenshot 2024 01 24 at 03.46.36

And here's a overall rrsults table ordered by VTTA Age Adusted Time. I do need to get the hand of Zwift yime trials.


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