1001 Albums (41-60)

I've changed the format of these blog posts, and I'm just pasting my commentary from the 1001 Albums website. I've left the weblinks in - the album title links to Spotify (I haven't tested those since I don't use Spotify), and the artist name links to the Wikipedia page for the album. The Global reviews link is to the reviews logged on the 1001 albums website.

Frankly, the whole exercise seems to me to be a bit lacking in diversity - hopefully we'll see more non-English speaking albums later on. (Click title to read more)

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1001 Albums (21-40)

Here are albums 21-40 that the 1001 Albums You Must Hear Before You Die website presented me. See albums 1-20 here.

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1001 Albums (1-20)

At the end of December, I came across the 1001 Albums You Must Hear Before You Die website, based upon the book of the same name. After signing up at the site, you receive a daily album suggestion. There's an app for Logitech Media Server which links to a copy in your local music library, or failing that to your streaming service of choice, making it easy to listen to the album.

So far, I've had 22 albums - several of which I own in some format or other, some were new to me, and some have been added to my collection. As far as I understand it, the albums from the list are presented in a random order. Here's what I've had in order of appearance. Here are the first 20 albums.

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Bluetooth Squeezebox on the cheap

Detailed instructions for setting up a Raspberry Pi Zero W as a Bluetooth-enabled music player for the Logitech Media Server streaming system.

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