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Cycle Touring in Scotland

From the mid 1990s to 2017, we rode an annual tandem cycle tour in Scotland, usually in the Hebrides, the northern islands and the west coast, but occasionally further south. A mixture of family circumstances, work pressures and finally the Covid pandemic led to a hiatus from 2017 onwards. We had a brief trip to Acharacle in 2022. Hopefully we'll revisit our old stomping grounds in 2024.

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Cycling in Normandy

In 2003, I rode the Duo Normand 2-up time trial for the first time. From 2004, I combined this event with a longer visit to Normandy, and maintained this until 2019 (with one year out). The Covid pandemic shut everything down in 2020, and the Duo Normand looks to have disappeared from the racing calendar. We returned to Normandy for a cycling holiday in 2023.