New aerobar set up for the Cervelo P3C - Part 1

In which I do yet another bout of TT bike fettling, this time to address the front end clutter.

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Book Review: Jobst Brandt Ride Bike!

This book is a nicely presented tome all about the American cycle pioneer Jobst Brandt. I'd long been aware of Brandt not only because I bought a copy of his excellent book on the spoked bicycle wheel (The Bicycle Wheel), which includes guidance on wheelbuilding, but though reading his old USENET posts on matters pertaining to bicycle technology. Many of those old posts have been preserved at Sheldon Brown's website (itself maintained some years after Brown died in 2008). Brandt was strikingly forthright and not shy in making his views known through these early internet posts. However, I'm getting a little ahead of myself here.

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My Venerable Hed H3 Trispoke Wheels

Hed H3 wheels are  probably Team Grumpy’s go-to wheel - they are pretty close to being indestructable (but not invulnerable) - they aren’t likely to go out of true as there aren’t any spokes to break or lose tension. 

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My Current Power Meters

In which I review the power meters I've been using over the last few years. All of these seem to be accurate and consistent in their data. This is a brief review of the four systems I currently use - and to cut to the chase, of these four power meters, which would I recommend as a power meter on a new bike build?

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Brooks B17

A supremely comfortable saddle for touring use. Possibly my oldest bike component that is still in use (even if only occasionally).

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Normandy 2023

It had been 5 years since we last packed for a Normandy holiday, including both the tandem and a solo bike. Since then we’d changed to a more modern Ford Focus, and I at least had a few concerns that all our stuff wouldn’t have fit inside.

I needn’t have worried.

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Astwood '10' 26/8/23

In which I suffer a series of bike crises before even leaving the house, and have a lacklustre performance.

So as usual I started getting set up about an hour before I needed to set out for Astwood. When I came to pump the tyre up on the P5 TT bike, I found that the front wouldn't get up to my desired pressure, then the rear disk wouldn't stay inflated (I think because the valve core came a little loose). So I switched to the P3.

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Cycling Through The Pandemic

Part 1 - 2020

So it will come as no surprise that 2020 was the weirdest cycling year since I came back to the sport in 1990.

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The eTap Blipbox and the Cervelo P5

In which I grab the soldering iron and splice together wires and plugs to place the 'brains' of the eTap system deep in the bowels of my TT frame!

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Reactivating the blog...

Owing to work-related pressures, over the last few years I've had less and less time available to blog and to maintain websites. I've focussed on maintaining two Joomla! based websites:

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