Not much to write about. We got up early to make sure we were at the port well in time for the ferry to St Malo. No real issues, though the idiotic pronouncement by the PM that the current situation in Syria and Iraq represented the greatest threat to Britain ever (I mean, what about WW1 and WW2?) seemed to have generated extra security, including a quick look under the bonnet. Fortunately the security guys didn’t want us to take all the bikes and stuff out of the car, which would have been something of a pain.

An easy crossing (the ferry called at Guernsey), and a straightforward drive to the accommodation, about 100m on the Brittany side of the Normandy-Brittany border. In the afternoon, we reassembled the tandem and the Cervelo P3 (which had been disassembled to fit in a bike bag), while the others visited Mont St Michel.