A visit to a zoo and an easy ride near Cerisy-la-salle

 In which we visit lemurs and other animals – and have another easy biking day

Today we accompanied the others to the zoo at Champrepus. This turned out to be a rather delightful small zoo, nicely laid out with good exhibits and attractive planting. Apart from some of the sadder exhibits (I’m always a bit upset by caged big cats – though I must add there were no suspicions of poor conditions for the animals), I was struck by the penguin and prairie dog enclosures which really offered excellent views of these beasts. I particularly liked the lemur enclosure in which we were walking amongst the lemurs as they got all excited and dashed off into the bushes and trees.

We ate lunch in the zoo cafeteria before returning to the house. G then decided to ride our usual circuit on his own, while The Stoker and I went out on a gentle ride in the general environs.