Vide Grenier!

In which we visit that classic French institution, the flea market, eat market stall grilled sausage and don’t do much cycling at all!

All week we’d been seeing signs for a Vide Grenier in Cerisy-la-Salle, and we’d decided we’d walk up to Cerisy to see what was going on. I also stopped at the cash machine for a dollop of euros. One other thing: The Stoker and I have a fondness for those grilled sausages and frites that are usually on sale at French markets, so that was another objective.

In fact there was an extraordinarily varied collection of what the less polite might term junk, on offer, and mush as we looked, nothing struck our fancy. But eventually the sausages started releasing the characteristic grilling aroma, stimulating our salivary glands. There was nothing else to do but sample them!

Once back at the house, G and I set out on another training ride (Garmin trace).