Les Roches de Ham

Dull skies in the morning, a training ride, then an outing to Les Roches de Ham, overlooking the Vire valley

This was the day on which the weather forecast was suggesting the possibility of rain. As it turned out, while the weather in the morning was pretty gloomy with quite dark cloud, it didn’t actually rain, and by the time we were approaching the Vire valley, the conditions had brightened considerably and it was back to the usual sunny skies with white clouds scudding about.

Partly because of the uncertain weather, G and I decided to start the day with another training ride round our regular circuit. Here’s the Garmin trace (if you’re particularly interested). When I got back, The Stoker and I decided we’d have an excursion to a local beauty spot, Les Roches de Ham, overlooking the Vire valley. We put together the usual baguette sandwiches, made sure our rain jackets were in the saddlebag, and set off.

We chose a lovely route that took us in a circuit through more delightful agricultural landscape. We paused briefly at Troisgots, where we looked out at the scenery under darkened skies. The clouds started to break up as we moved on towards Les Roches de Ham, and as we rolled into the car park, the sun emerged and the day suddenly took up a new aspect! At Les Roches de Ham there’s a car park and a narrow path that leads to a crepe cafe, and to the view point. We stopped at a picnic table to eat our sandwiches. From the view point, we could see the Vire river meandering along below us, with a cycle path alongside. We could see cyclists along the path and canoeists on the river.

 From our lunch spot, we returned to the house ultimately through Dangy,along the D38 before leaving the D38 along a minor road that eventually emerges at the bottom of the hill to Cerisy-las-salle.

All in all quite a gentle day’s cycling.