Homeward bound!

In which we do a spot of shopping; dismantle the tandem; load the car; and travel home to a nasty surprise!

Not much to describe here – we visited Marigny to buy some stuff to take home (mostly food, but also pastis, fruit syrups) and some petrol. Back at the house, the others had gone off to another supermarket, so we disassembled the tandem and loaded up the car. We made up some sandwiches to eat on the ferry, and waited for the others to return so we could say goodbye.

Eventually, we set out towards the north of the Cherbourg peninsula. We visited the picturesque harbour at Cap Levi before heading over to the port at Cherbourg. Loading the ferry was pretty efficient, and indeed according to my watch the ferry departed about 10 minutes early. After an uneventful crossing, we rolled out into the tumult of British motorways. This is always a bit of a shock after the quiet roads of Normandy! We drove home in falling light, and arrived safely.

And the nasty surprise? Our house had suffered an electrical failure of unknown cause – our freezer had defrosted and the contents begun to decay. But not event that could ruin the memory of another excellent trip to Normandy!