Today we decided to spread our wings a little further, and drove over to the rail station at Lemolay-Littry, where we left the car.  This made for a rather late start.  This wasn’t too bad, since the day had started very foggy – indeed the drive over to Lemolay was disturbingly foggy.  By the time we started, the fog had lifted and the whole ride was bathed in wall to wall cloudless skies – in fact rather too hot for my liking.

We set off without buying that vital component of a picnic, the baguette, though we had brought the remaining picnic ingredients left over from Saturday.  Our route took us over to Porte en Bessain, through beautiful green countryside studded with astonishingly lovely architecture, then along via the coastal battery (part of the German WW2 Atlantic Wall) at Longues-sur-Mer.  Shortly before getting there, we spotted a boulangerie that was open, and scored a baguette, a pain au chocolat and a pain au raisin for our lunch.


The picture above is of one of several immense gun emplacements that fortunately failed to deter the D-Day landings.  We sat nearby for our picnic (once again it consisted of baguette, cheese, ham and andouille again).  After lunch, we moseyed down a bit to photograph the remaining mulberry harbour sections at Arromanches (unfortunately a rather blurry photo), then set off towards Arromanches.  We decided not to pedal down to Arromanches, but struck off southwards in order to return to Lemolay by the eats and south of Bayeux.

This nearly turned to disaster as the inadequacy of our map, coupled with the eccentricities of French road signage got us terribly confused.  On the bright side, the rural architecture was even better than that seen earlier, with magnificent farms and chateaus.  After a few false turns (including a particularly odorous landfill), we indeed made it back to Lemolay.  It was a very hot day, and we ran out of drinks!